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And you know, he was trying to change the culture of the Jets that did not sit well with a lot of better employers. Then he comes out and they lose the brownout Thursday minus when topples coach said they weren't prepared for Baker Mayfield. I think he said it on the fan. You know that didn't sit well, they're the end of that season, He gave his speech about how he means more dogs. And they didn't have enough dog And I think some of the scenes were looking like, you know. Are you talking about me? You know, like you got rid of this evening. So you know, last year, the people who really didn't like how he handled the trade deadline. I was pretty well known that he was calling plays on the Cowboys to try, you know, telling them tell Gerry, I want to come there. Make it happen, and you even said when we talk to the press after the trade deadline, I want to be loved to be a cowboy and I, you know, had a few players to me like he's the captain of the Japanese. Anyone's gonna cowboy so There was stuff with Jamal, where he wasn't as beloved baby. I think fans start he was in locker, but there's no question about it on the field ability and they're going to miss that. They might be a better team in the locker room without him. But they're not going to a better team on the field about Certainly, And if the Jets are going to be a good team, and let's start with this how How vital is it for? This jet seemed that they make the playoffs because I just got through saying before he got on the air. I think it's a make or break year for Adam Gay Stephen of his year two on then, for Sam Darnold, you want to see that big step forward. That didn't happen in year two. Is there A little extra pressure on this team, even without Jamal now, but the fact that they do have the group largely intact from last year, There's no new systems or offenses that are being installed is it's been a challenge for all of these teams to practice and things You know how How do you do you look at this and make a break for the head Coach. And to what degree for Donald? Um I don't think it's realistic to think this team is a play off team B. I just like I just don't tell anyone and look, I don't see how anyone could look. This demon. They should make the play offs like you know, the guy with the team I saw today I Josh alone starting it like, you know, Josh Malone. You think so? That's where their eye in the corner backs are. You know, bless Austin and made Hairston Quincy Wilson on Ah, lot of guy's only die are just stands now, so there's there are made. That being said there's still immense pressure on out engaged. Obviously, he's unpopular with the fan base. You know if for whatever reason he's you know, got well established. Vehicles. Second offense in the NFL last. The offense was terrible. He's supposed to be an offensive guys. Um, you know, so the offense has to be better this year, and I think, you know, I think Adam gazed state lives of Sam Darnold. If Sam Donald comes out this year plays really well, even if they don't make the playoffs. But they're respectable. You know, they're not three and 13 or 14 12 or something like that. If Donald takes a big step forward, you see progress. I think Adam gave survives until 2021. If Donald comes out, it looks the same as he has our woes and the team. Is Dad gonna be gone? Terms of Donald Maker break. I don't think it's make or break Pete so much as I think if he doesn't if you're not convinced by the end of the EU nation never die. I think a they make a coaching change, and there's another coach brought it here to try to get the best out of him. And I was saying there's probably another quarterback in camp next summer. Competing with him. Sort of what you're saying in Chicago right now. Stravinsky right there with Aaron Echolls. Something like that. I don't think Terra cotta Donald loose after the season, they still have him under contract for two more years. I think you see it coming, You know, quarterback competition next summer. If he doesn't sees it sees the job is here in terms of like, okay, But I am positive this tie for the Jets. The shame of it is and this was It was frustrating to me about the Jamal Adam straight. Even if they forced his. He forced their hand. Yeah. You want to take advantage of the quarterback on the rookie contract, and usually those first four years in the league? Those might be the most talented teams that you play on. And God forbid, that found saved Arnold if he becomes it and a 15 year pro like From a franchise building perspective. How tough a spot is it where the Jets are, whether they're not close to being good yet, and by the time they are, they're going to start paying the quarterback the big time money. Yeah. I don't think you could pick challenger Douglas. And I think the draft so bad here for so long that you know, I like There was no way they could take advantage of standard contract because they have you know, barely a drop takes a lot of traps is no draft picks on the team before 2016 draft. Right. The the 2014 15 16 17 18 drops should be the core of this team right now, right with 1920 coming up. They have No. One from the 2014 draft. No. One from Jordan Jenkins is the only one from 2000. Marcus may be the only one left from 2017. Right, So it's like, you know that there's just no corps here and so the the idea of a I think the Jamal thing Well, yes, it's not ideal player. I don't think that made them significantly worse in terms of wins and losses this year. Like I said, I think he's about the best fire there. Not a better team without him, but I understand. I mean, Douglas. Looks like this is like I have so many holes Still, if I can get two first round picks, I gotta take it and I can't blame him there. Especially after like you said, Jamal gonna force their hand. You don't think the whole and rookie contract thing is as big as it used to be. With quarterbacks on E. I think he was a kind of figured out ways. Maneuver it. You see a lot of quarterbacks now getting contracts after their third year, and I think he's surviving teams are figuring out ways to captain Next year. The captain's not going to go out because Cove it but usually the calf goes up and I take after next year all will go back up again. You know, I know is the key to hold. Thank you a lot of this whole thing. He's drafting, if if they congrats well, and then they don't have to pay those girls. So you know, paying $10 to be a big deal because you don't have a whole lot of players pay, either they need to build a core around through the draft..

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