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Present themselves and it's a good reminder on a day when we're heading into an inauguration in which the nation's capital will be empty of any people attending the inauguration. The military will be standing posts because of recent skirmishes. There will be people that are, you know, blasting out through social media that they're not gonna watch it and other people are gonna have watch parties. And in the midst of all of this in America, the church is keenly placed right smack in the middle of it. That's why we've been having these conversations with pastors over the last week or so. Dr David Ireland my guest on Dr Island Way, It's pretty clear, my friend Ryan Basil said last week. He goes Isn't hard. It's just hard doing it. Doing the right thing is pretty simple to divine treat people as though they were made in the image of God. What are one or two tips that help us do that better this year? Two things, Kevin. First Diversity is a growth process. Welcoming of people is a growth process. We have to grow his reconcile ours. It's not static. It's ongoing. You get better at it. Exactly. You have to get better at it. Second. Don't be embarrassed off reluctant off getting a diversity coach. We don't see ourselves. I think the average NFL team has 15 coaches and these guys, they make a lot of money. They're the best of the best in their craft in the world. But yet on average, each team has 15 coaches, so the purpose of the coach Is not for someone who's a scrub purpose of a coach. It's from someone who's very good at what they do, but they want to get better. And that's what happened in Galatians two. All coach Peter on diversity. So, Peter the way Peter carry themselves the way he connected with others the way you present themselves, the way he was interpreted by others was far more effective. After he had been coached, because many of us we lack awareness on so we're going to then see how others interpret us it requires and that we sit where they sit and You what they feel and talk with, And so we gonna be able to understand what it means to practice advocacy because we walked in issues to some measure, and so we have to have diversity coaches in our lives well, and I I think those are both very practical and friends. Certainly there are more research sources. Dr David Ireland's book. One in Christ that he released just a couple of years ago..

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