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But I knew it was a lot because cows farting and the amount of waste produced in the water clear, cutting the rain forest to grow the soybeans to feed to the cows. When you when you add that up, it's bad. You think we're going to get the point is we're not trying to convince you of that. We're trying to win you know, as taste buds in your stomach and eventually cost. Yeah. The big win is not only when it's cost less tastes, better or taste as good. But I think there's going to be a new category of food created that is doesn't exist in our current conception of food, but that will be better. So I had. One of the fish companies on and they gave me a little taste on air of companies. Emmy where we producer Jackie fulltime in that in the chat room in a minute. But finless, thank you, Phyllis foods, you investment films investor have you met with that great product great product. And I said, you know, when will I have a piece of Toro? Toro, cho- Torah Torah the grades. That's better than Otaru. In other words. I I know you're going to catch up with them. It's obvious this. When are we going to get past it? Yes. When will it be even better than he goes, you know, nobody's ever asked me that quite diverse? I think ten years from now, I think we'll catch up to Torah and four or five years, but we'll have something better than Torah. Right. That's when against game. Cool. That's pretty crazy to think of science fiction becomes reality. Yeah. See people, I think are enter, and that's a great example of what we mean by world positive, and it's it's different. It's it really is almost back to the roots. Venture capital funding, a lot of frontier innovation and I'd love to give you one more example, please. What do you think about when I say the words diamond mining while blood diamonds, of course? Yeah. People losing their arms, mental damage Schorr child slavery murder. Yeah. Not so good. Yeah. Why don't we re imagine that huge industry, and and just grow the diamonds in plasma reactors? So we made an investment in a company called diamond foundry that's doing that. And it's incredible. They're up to six carat polished diamond stones eight carat rough diamonds. I heard this sharp was in the diamond industry over this. Like the debate of the world. I think they bought a fake diamonds. But lab diamonds today by a lab diamond company. My understanding is beers does own a lab diamond ring, the prices dramatic and they've announced that they are going to enter. Yeah. The jewelry space, which to me is great news. They've said they spent millions of dollars fighting these lab grown diamonds these above ground diamonds. And now, they're saying, you know, what the millennial woman doesn't want a blood diamond on her finger. Yeah. I heard the customer where they are. Here's the center something I heard because I was in a meeting with some people, I won't make you reply on it. But that they wanted to they bought this company started doing it because they want to undercut the other folks. By making them, so cheap that the distance between the real ones and the fake ones is so great that you devalue them, which I was like out that's gonna work because millennials will not even by a car. They will not commit to a car. So if you tell them there's a cheaper option, you can take Uber pool or lift line. They're all in their not trying to gain status by buying objects. They'll gain that if I going to Coachella both weekends, and they will be smart and understand the authenticity of the company and the brand they're buying from it. So, you know, only time will tell, but we know that competitions a good thing for markets. It's a great thing for consumers electric cars. I mean, nobody was making anything and exact well, they did was deride him over like range and cost ranging Zeidan cost. And I drove to Tahoe with the new model three or Truckee, and it goes three hundred twenty miles. You can get there without stopping in other great world positive example, the world positive company for sure we come back to to get your thoughts on New York Times had a story today..

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