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That's li- pressure on what you're spitting right now between that and you develop in yourself being your friend this law, man. I'm proud of you, do I think it'd be excited starting where it is just starting. That's that's what I'm saying to see where it's going to send to is is going to be fun. We gotta do this podcast every year to see how things change so funny. I was telling John this that because my career really started here, essentially, you know, I was selling programs in nineteen ninety nine for Lucy to to get a VIP ticket at the Arnold classic. And so when I when I come here every year that is what I do Patrick is kind of reflect on on where my career's been. So you gotta remember I'm standing outside of the expo selling programs, get VIP thing. So I get to take a picture a polaroid with your dad to have some more still and to go then to ascend to be able to give the trophy with them on stage. The main spa. Monsour having that thing coming back as another company then going back to a big sponsor like it's been a twenty year amazing rollercoaster. But still rooted in this is what I love to do every year. Keep coming back in only missed one year in nineteen years. It's unbelievable. I've yet missed one. Elsewhere this guy before we let him down here. I just want. I won't everyone listening to kinda sometimes people, you know, they listen, but they don't here. Yeah. And I was really trying to hear what you were saying. Right. You know, and appreciate your honesty. Thanks fan. I appreciate you guys having me on and for anybody. That's out there. That's listening just keep truck. And man, it's no other way. If you're in college, keep going, if you're thinking about college decide where you're wanting to go if you don't know where you're wanting to go keep doing things that you love and that'll probably find out where you wanna go. Chase your small. Yeah. Just it's. Long-life? Hopefully, it's a long life. All right. So we always end the podcast and a great fashion. Don't it scared. Neighbors around Patrick swertz Hager. Fos go can the podcast p stopped Lou Ooh podcast. podcast..

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