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He just got his president and Wildwood, Missouri. Tickets now for Italian food Bazi Darren Frank Sinatra and Tony Viviana singing knows classic. All right. Keep the segment Colin Kelly. Well, I'm trying to preview the guys upcoming thing, and you won't shut up. So Tony, what are you doing? Tell us about what you're doing on twenty two thousand twenty six sided about this, Michael. And it's gonna be something else. Let's go to serve Frank Sinatra's favorite menu. That's what they got for Bobby Darrin. Sinatra's got the deal. Mullen as which is his mother's original recipe. What's what are you put on? I brought the menu with no good. Let's see what's going on with the Ville, Melanie. Lemon says that's what it says here on a cheap. You got mushrooms on that day? We've got it's got veal with Lemos Frank's mother's. Dahlie, would always ask them with Frank would always ask his mom to make that if they got Capers on that thing, Bobby DARREN'S manicotti, we're going to have braised beef and vegetables. But most importantly, you're going to have Tony Viviana singing the classics of Bobby, Darin and Frank Sinatra table three on January twenty fifth and twenty six. Around the corner. So kind to him to come in this this day in particular to sing a little love song. There about our good friend. Kevin colleen. Tony, you are truly a treasurer in Saint Louis people need to get out there and see you. It's like you're listening to Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darrin themselves. I enjoy so much doing both of those artists. They are such a gift to America with the music that they brought us their incredible. And by the way, they're going to serve Frank Sinatra's favorite drink. It's called a two finger, Jack. Say what Jack and air? Of course. And then the Bobby Darin favorite drink is called the split splash. Yeah. You know? I don't know. What's in it? But it sells like crazy whenever I do a concert for Bobby nominal. Tony. What's your website? If people want to follow you and come there's some of your programs twenty Vivian dot com. Well, you're going to stick around with us. No, we got some we got another. We've got all kinds of people. I'm gonna do next time show propel come and pay attention. Tony. Thank you so much for coming in..

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