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He got on the show that you know Harris English finished second in 19 under pretty good four days and lost by 11 mean it's saying something fruit. Let's talk about players who aren't playing this week at the BMW. In other words, people who had their season and because they did make the top 7 70 pick any one of these players. You choose an offer pick one player, but offer commentary on that. Of Phil Mickelson didn't make it. Justin Rose didn't make it. Tommy Fleetwood didn't make it. Ricky Fool's gold. Fuller did make it broke. Skeptical. Withdrew. His knee is apparently screwed up. Jordan Spieth didn't make it. Any insight on any one of those guys and kind of where their season ended up. Yeah, I guess I guess still surprises me more than anyone else. I mean, For him not to make the top. 30 was one thing for him not to make the top 70 I thought was rather astonishing. But he's making his champion sword. Do this wish you really were talking about that. The last thing in the show who eggs old, I guess. Andre will be back to play in the U. S open in several weeks. So right, He's the one that surprised me the most Jimmy again These guys didn't make the top 70 Follower Fleetwood, Justin Rose, Phil Mickelson, Capta, who's heard in Jordan, speech any any insight on any one of those guys and kind of other season ended? Truth is nuts. I'm sorry that I'm going to start this answer. Ah, you picked the oldest guy of the group of the guy you're most surprised with. How about Jordan speak the guy that three years ago we're talking about this could be the second coming here. Ah, Captain would be one due to injury. I would sit there at the end of the year going, How in the heck kept could not make it But you wanna speed has to be the one that's at the top of that list that you're going Really? Wow. But due to the fact that we're constantly talking about how Jordan speed struggling, I don't think that's the reason why he was at the top of fridges list, But I do not look at it The Phil Mickelson and go Oh, yeah. Fill all the sun came out was relevant again. That would be surprising, not the fact that he's not relevant anymore surprisingly interesting. Rickie Fowler did surprise me a little bit in so far as he always seems to be somewhat in contention. And I just assumed he was racking up enough FedEx Cup points, too, to advance into that top 70. But he really tailed off over the last three or four tournaments, and he got relatively close. I think he was in the eighties, someplace in terms of ranking. But don't married. Yeah, well, then, maybe maybe that is playing really well since we got married, the sacrifices you make for true love right, So Tiger Woods is ah during interview, said that plan without live galleries. Fruit is an adjustment that he's having trouble with his, he said. Flat out. It's an adjustment I haven't made. He says it's tougher for him to play effectively without having the energy of live fans surrounding him. And his game just seems to be extremely, you know, inconsistent. One day puts great Next day's party's off. His irons are quite dialed in one day. One day is short games a little bit, you know, funky and he's leaving stuff your 10 12 ft. Around the hole for pars, tigers problems physical mental. Where do you see it right now? I think it's old mental. I think I think physically, he's okay. He may be a little worn out by the end of this run here, but I think physically he's okay right now. Hey, likes to gallery. I mean, he feeds off the gallery. Oh, and you know there's some guys may be that the gallery doesn't root for is much with everybody kind of tends the route for Tiger, especially at his age now and kind of coming back if you will, but he's he has no gallery the rest of the way. He's gonna have to adjust. If he's going to be successful. He just He just never looked as you point out. He just never looked involved or interested in boss up in Boston. I mean it. I need to Jack it up in Chicago. I mean, Tiger Tiger ranks like number 200 putting or you kid may have had a point to make for your life. You'd want him to be the one partner. No, you wouldn't come on fruit. What do you live in 10 years ago from our championship two years ago. Come on. Okay. Okay. We'll be fine. Yes, he had a good day. It's like a broken Why was little tournament called the Masters? I think he won two. You're right. I'm a big again. But prior to that he was lucky even made the cut for crying out loud. A kind of light headed by a new trunk every other weekend from slamming the darn thing, but it has the biggest things putting. It's been because of the way where he was hitting the ball. He's putted well, all the way through and until this this year So that the butter is is the thing that's really gonna help exchanging letters. He won 14 majors with one partner, exchanging Butters. Sounds familiar. Maybe, but you've always said fruit plate and I forget, who said it of May's Crenshaw player only has a certain number six footers in home. There is one way inventory that said that and maybe he's right. Jimmy Jimmy, we got 30 seconds and just talking about surprises in that same interview. This is with ESPN dot com, Roy McIlroy said since well first off since the tour resumed his one top 30 finished, that's it And he said, flat out. I feel like I'm just going through the motions. I mean, for a guy that used to have a lot of fire in that that stunned me that he's he was willing to admit that publicly. Well, keep in mind like I think the reference goes back to the tiger situation without the crowd. Somebody's guys feed off of it. A Patrick Brea feeds off the crowds both positively and negatively, meaning he can feed off of negative energy as well as opposed to positive energy. And some guys are in their own zone, like D. J. You couldn't tell if he was Out there on a surfboard somewhere, or if he was sitting there rolling in a 12 footer, he'd I think it's oblivious to him with the fans. I think Rory situation is since he is emotional. It does come from the fans, and this kind of has been Let's face it. 2020 has been a weird year for everything you know From what you consider the norm for shopping, too. When you walk outside to going to eat, no fans, sports got suspended. So this has been kind of weird. So I understand what he means by that, because I think many of us in our everyday life feel like that. Man. Let's just go through the most and everybody's going. Let's just see what happens after November 3rd that has plays into this as well. And then it's all right. Let's just get to the new year. Let's get 2021 started. Let's flush this 2020 down the drink. I'm going to stop you there. Really, Interestingly mean looking. If you look at his body language and watch him walking off, agrees last week, Rory McIlroy looked kind of bored is but just because you look like well, you know, here I am shooting two under again for Ornament. Let's stop there. We have the play Better call segment straight ahead. Morningstar update straight ahead as well on the swing, Doctor Newstalk 11 30. The following testimonials from a real green broke TMS patient. I came to green brick with my hopes high that TMS might help me. It took some time, but I was not let down. I feel like in handle life.

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