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All right now enter the pin out of the looking good at New York Avenue in down the accident of Bladensburg road blocks one right lane in the way from South Dakota Avenue garage door repair dot com the WMAL stormwatch seven forecast scattered showers warm and breezy on this Friday high temperatures near the eighty degree mark for the first time this year showers will be likely tonight as well it will be cooler lows back into the forties tomorrow morning clouds afternoon sunshine behind the cold front it will be cooler tomorrow highs in the mid fifties I'm eighty seven meteorologist Alex look at Mr watch seven weather center right now it is fifty eight in Springfield fifty do and Frederick sixty one at Reagan national I'm John Matthews on one oh five point nine FM Washington's mall WMAL Washington mornings thirty seven on Friday morning it all week joining us in half an hour Hans von Spakovsky will talk to him about the corona virus on mail in ballots what stating support about mailing your ballot is that a good idea at seven thirty five station landing guns will join us to discuss the rise of gun sales Dr oz's with us at eight OO five Americans and handing over corona virus and a thirty five Kevin Lewis and W. J. O. A. will join us we'll talk about what's happening locally regarding nineteen a merry Walter with his calling yeah you mentioned that coming up we'll talk to Steve Schneider from Atlanta guns at seven thirty five and I'm I'm looking for that conversation because I want to find out what kind of people are actually showing up at his gun shop you know who's actually buying these guns a lot of first time gun buyers showing up during.

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