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From chairman meadows and others who are requesting who are who have put out there that they want to impeach rod Rosenstein they want to do this because he. Has failed to turn over documentation and at the last second dowdy once again Best you agree with, me that there's something about the same group of people the never Trumpers weak. Republicans by the way weak Republicans they would be so knocked on their. Ass this November were it not for Trump They Don Donald Trump is. Literally carrying them into opportunity? To actually hold onto power not because of them in spite of them and it's the same media it's the same Democratic Party the same people that have hated him from day one chine why have. They not done, why did they not, do the same thing to President Obama when President Obama's, foreign policy was filled with failures when he drew, the red line. In, Syria and then turned, everything over to the, Russians and then again during the Arab spring failed in Libya failed, in Syria bailed across the globe his. Policy to lead. From behind the United States foreign policy back I I would say. Decades I would say decades but they didn't hold Obama. Accountable the way they're holding Trump accountable and they did a guy on. Him they put him they waited as soon as he, was up there speaking with Putin the first. Thing they did was go after him And put them in a, Gotcha moment because. They, knew on this geopolitical. Scale that President Trump, was going to be diplomatic that he wasn't going to go after Vladimir Putin in front of the entire. World why do. You think that rod Rosenstein announced all of these indictments on the. Eve of the Putin of the Trump Putin summit By the way the media is is claiming that Trump is siding with Putin over the Intel Intel community now Trump has seen that the upper. Echelons of the Intel community under Obama and the upper echelons of the FBI screwed him and rig. Dental tried to rigging, election, and steal a presidential election from the people who will it absolutely appears that rod. Rosenstein did this to work against this bilateral summit, against President, Trump, and wanted to put him in a very difficult position but even his indictment, itself says that the vote was not changed and that no Americans were involved so he's got twelve twelve Russian military intelligence operatives that will never be, extradited from Russia sitting on an indictment imagine if another country and it's happened before. Said you know we've we want you to extradite your CIA officers and bring them back to Pakistan Russia to Jordan to wherever To. Face charges in our country. It would never happen ever so this Johnny just say this it is at this point in time the biggest corruption, abuse of. Power scandal ever how funny was it the Putin is offering to cooperate with Muller I think it's great I say bring it on absolute baller, should go to save Ladimir but they should bring the twelve people in I. Think that and similarly I think that Putin let's let's put it all on the table and clean up the mess yeah let's have a sit down. He he can talk about Syria Iran and nuclear proliferation terrorism and Crimea absolutely which are topics that. Are so important and, especially, to the people out here in the Baltic states I mean when we're out here. Sean the people that I've spoken to on the, streets the, people, here in Helsinki they're not negative on this summit whatsoever they want to see, talk they want to see Progress they want the American people to understand. What, it is they are going through. And they are proud that this, summit took place, here right across. The. Baltic Sea Estonia right on Twitter stay right there when we come back we're going to continue Sarah. Quarters with, us in Helsinki eight hundred, nine four one Sean is our number David shown, and Greg Jarrett will get their perception back in the states and. And find out where they're. Thinking.

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