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Some rance along the way. We're not surprised all the action. I got involved. We'll give you an edge to beat the spread and so much more like back to back to back games like fifty miles per hour winds and nobody else play that. They also played a very easy schedule highlighted by the afc north through the nfc east. Last year we call that wager tamest. It's you better you bet from bennett q. Well our number three here you better. You bet fantastic football friday. Nick costa's with marc malusis in for ken barclay laki recovering from his appendectomy. Ken will be back on the show on monday. We look forward to that happening. But great to have my guy mark below one of the stars of wfan in new york. And why with us here on you better. You bet for the next two hours. Andy barons from yahoo sports coming up in twenty minutes. Fantasy football expert will tickle fancies at the end of the hour with our great crew on you better. You bet the find out what everyone's got going on this weekend myself moose. Recap away hershkovich. Bill matt's maybe even our great video producer. Mike brown can participate for the first time on the air. Here on you better. You bet at some point in the next two hours. I'll talk about. Cristiano ronaldo and what he's going to bring to manchester united and a second tour of duty now back at old trafford like. I can't believe this is the thing that actually happens but it has and it's pretty awesome and will lead to a lot of intrigue now for the rest of the premier league season and also in the champions league power our next hour all our picks for tonight major league baseball will run through every game in the nfl. Preseason if we don't give bets on every game we're going to tell you who's gonna play and maybe some thoughts with how you your list. Your your europe can bet that game and picks for college football we zero before we get into some of these head-to-head quarterback match ups. We do have to tell you about our show sponsor bet rivers got a lot of fun stuff coked up today this weekend at always at that rivers because moves you.

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