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I'm wondering if maybe Kitty I'm wondering if maybe the invention is Kitty Kitty I there are you doing. Hi Kitty. I don't know if you have one of those things. It switches back and forth. I've seen those ago. Which is the thing. But this would be imagining. Somehow it it it it it evolves to at once maybe the marker instead of ink. It's it's it's wax. Is it possible getting a wax to such a degree? That it's a basically liquid interesting. Would it be helpful for Easter eggs? That's for sure it's it's cranes while so krant is kind of like one step away from being a candle you just add a wick to it. I predict right now somewhere to party store. There are candles that look like Koreans done. I predict somewhere is silverware. Candles are civil war candles candles in the shape of silverware. Predicted predict I predict somewhere in some party favorite store. There's a stop sign pen. Appendi- gotTa stop sign on it I mentioned passing that same store a kindle. It looks like a stop sign..

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