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It's quick and easy to customize your feeds at feeds dot freetalklive dot com that's feeds dot freetalklive dot com. We have some good news. The indictments against roy celebrate in the district of maryland were dismissed with prejudice meaning. They can never be refiled. This is especially good because those indictments contain the only charge ever made that ross engaged in murder-for-hire this was a serious allegation at ross. Break denies it was never prosecuted or roll on by a jury but was trumpeted by the federal government and the media. As if it were proven fact. The maryland court held these indictments for almost five years poisoning case and leaving him under a cloud of unproven allegations as explained in his appeal to the supreme court. The fact that the judge used these allegations to give her all say coney and sense of double life without parole violated his sixth amendment. Right to a jury. Trial judges are required to issue sentences based on convictions. Decided by a jury not unproven. Allegations never even charged trial. Although this is a positive development the dropped indictment will not set rolls free now. A presidential pardon is ross is only hope of freedom. Sign the petition at free. Ross dot org free. Ross dot org you can stick it to the man and big tech. Join our t. l. Social mastodon at social dot freetalklive dot com. Free talk live. call in. Talk about whatever's on your mind. Its mark with and henry rains here in the glorious fourteen. Ninety w studio in greater brayton's in metro area. I understand we have a caller and this is scott and scott. Do you refer to yourself as scott the bigot or scott the anti-semites well hold on. I don't wanna bring scott on. Because i have to mention Our sponsor for this segment which is bitcoin. Dot com so. It's bitcoin pizza day brought to you by bitcoin. dot com. go check them out if you don't know anything about bitcoin. That's the place to go. Click on get started. It's right there at the top of the page. Bitcoin dot com. If you're a long-time user of bitcoin and you're familiar with this stuff. Go sign up for their news. Alerts at news dot. Bitcoin dot com. And now you can ask you a question of scott scott. How would you like to be referred to. That was very low. In my volume. Yes now i can Skopje scott the anti semite. For the time being i'm i'm happy to refer to people as they like to be referred. What's on your mind. Nine this broadcast is how stupid the american people. I hate to say it but they get fatter and dumber and small stupid by day. They don't even belong to learn What i mean by that is you know. They don't want to know most the power behind the throne that you're playing video games getting fatter eating garbage. Char of food works to write broadcasters. This they don't understand that jews who comprise only two percents guy before we go on that topic that you wanna talk about which we will but have you ever considered. Maybe your expectations are too high. You spent too much of people and really you need to meet them where they are to make your point what you're basically saying to mobile but we can try. Maybe i'll understand containable itself They are getting down by today. And it's not even dumbed down there like at the. I talk to people. And i try to tell them about what's going on The comedies crash the dollar's going one of them said to everything this far. Now you know roy everything. There's no problem versus what's going on in america today. You can't people stimulus you give us. They arrived at mcdonald's and the copy of the that you know what's going on in this stupid but by broadcast tonight. The jews who comprise only two percents the us copulation wall street reserve washington dc. The media hollywood. The supreme court phages talking several houses possible rhetorical question. But because i i want to address the things you want to talk about. But i'm thinking that maybe you catch more flies with honey or sugar. Whatever that sweet stuff is they like. And you should tell people. I know that you're smart enough and concerned enough. That you're gonna wanna know this. You gotta tease them. A little and give them something that makes them. Wanna listen to you right. Eighty percent of the population believes that they are above average intelligence. Which is some real bad math so well honoring to get more with. How even was integral salsa that they're taking uses and please don try to listen to what i'm trying to say. That sounds sarcastic nelson. Do you understand what i'm saying. Julia understand what i'm saying. Thank you for the call. Scott i appreciate. I thought we were just. I thought it was making progress with scott. My thought scott and i. We're starting to get sort of you know. Get a chemistry going there. What kind of progress did you think. You're gonna make wisconsin. I thought we were making lots progress. I don't. I don't know what the progress is because the progress is out in front of me in the future so i have to wait for the progress. Do become the president well. Everybody's moving. Well i got to say this is This counseling session was cut short by me. And it's because it's not a counseling session. Henry.

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