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Farmers really are on the front line because they are in a pesticide sort of driven independent foodproduction system pushed by montana to pod dow basf and others they're using an array of these things that are linked to a host of visas now our government right now is trying they've been doing this for years or gained what they call an agricultural health steady tracking like eighty thousand farm family members and trying to get a handle on the diseases and what the farmers that the aegean and trying to link different pesticides to the different diseases on the really hard thing to do you know um we know we know they're kontum problems but it's hard to tie one specific disease to one specific is it difficult to get studies done to test for this whoa if i made it definitely is very expensive and who pays for well the the studies that are submitted generally to the regulators like to are epa are paid for by the company they you know they had to have been done uh they pay scientists right the research review paper what do they released the results of their bad now these studies typically are consider trade secrets and confidential and not allowed if he viewed by the public are by public scientists which is the you know of a source of great complaint from critic so it and we have seen some of these we've thinned is a very famous fund from 1983 devan panel had gone that the mice got a lotta rare tumors and that was not a good thing in the epa said this looks like the stuff causes cancer and now monsanto bottom fought back for number the got him to finally change their mind but uh you know there's a lot going on out there that the public doesn't know about let's go to robert and hiawassee georgia thanks for calling robert go ahead audi hey go ahead i tried to mentioned that trump people preventive medicine did medicine stop feeding of poison a fourth one of them obama's biggestsupported monsanto as he gave him full pardon of the fda they really like us it gives back aims of mercury from now to hide aluminum hannam if they have to keep it bacteria down i thought it might keep a little kid iq down on that one they don't like.

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