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Notice onto whatever surface you're standing on. Yeah yes rob grow them up. Open up shout Oh uh-huh until like ninety two thousand Dave uh-huh sorry just waiting for the nickelback reference. Look phone around. mm-hmm is the forty five cents words. Yeah going on tour nickleback. I am so broken is excessive prayer. Yes Skeptical Skeptical Davis in all the sessions that she was in she claimed issues possessed by the Demon Lucifer. Cain Judas Dude scary at Adolf Hitler and Neo Neo all wait were released. And yet in the sixties I felt like one might be a Hitler. Niro okay not a demon. Well I mean he's a terrible person. She assuming he went to Halle became a demon. Well I mean he was a great order. He probably could've talked worked his way into those of us who have watched the show Lucifer. No that wasn't a demon no no Like the people because not whatever you need to put in your mouth. I'm here for you. That's so sweet. I Dunno also possibly into some other things a new all right so she's inventing people as demons well deferred caming canine not no CAIN. Netafim in came came human kills rather. That's you know not a demon human. Yeah he the list okay. So by thirty became cure rate thou word official system. The road race is working died in July nineteen seventy-six from malnutrition and dehydration so only sixteen years. After the this all all kind of started to happen she's well. She stopped eating right early on so yeah I'm assuming they just couldn't get. She was spending too underneath. I mean could that be like a person's Tax Kato proteins seen a whole lot of psychological. Stop that we can pull but yeah I would go with a mysterious. It's weird it is maybe not as weird as grave. Robbing you're dead lover but it's still pretty weird. Yeah Yeah I got a little tidbit just to wrap this up. Since we were close spring all the kids and the events so weird historical facts a one legged man was used to reassure the safety of escalators in London guide right so in one thousand nine hundred eleven. The first escalator was placed in the London Underground and underground underground underground William William Bumper Harris Hipster Care William Bumper Harris right up and down to demonstrate the safety. Although there was suspicious story may be a mess. But I mean it's a one legged guy on something that people were like I trust this. He's only got one leg to lose this one like that. Yeah so so yeah so and then the and another one. How is the Boston toffee apple? Soon Nami is another story. January nineteen nineteen ninety foot wide. CAST on your tank containing two and a half million gallons of crude molasses for rum. Refundable Assis Cruz. Incredible acid all basically us in molasses or exploded and because its contents had expanded during the rapid overnight. Rise in temperature It and then it goes on to be fifty. Let's see This was the tank was fifty feet above the street level and then demolished buildings tearing them from their foundations and carried off vehicles and drought horses. Dogs and cats eleven mass hysteria. In all twenty one people were killed and fifty one hundred fifty injured from molasses. And there's a picture here here it's crazy but it's crazy though like this is molasses people's either sticky death like like. That's that's a little okay theft Shanley would be the person who got this trade lead by the molasses. Well and you think about this. We tried to talk to you and I did I I think he said Hi and try to pull you in the interview anyway. So if you remember when I was doing the beer history of beer. There was a a similar incident in England with a gigantic VAT of porter that killed a bunch of people because it had ruptured so it was interesting. The thing that there was a frightening and beer it so this you know you think of molasses being slow because you know you're slow as molasses well. This wave Steve of Malaysia. Or yes this wall of molasses which measured at times the fifteen foot high ran through the streets at thirty five miles an hour. That's crazy yeah a lot of molasses. Yeah so it's not like Oh there's this big wall of the last is coming. I should probably the lowest saying from ours. Ask challenging..

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