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Across the finish line. No because as soon as as soon as everybody start a bolt over the wall the NASCAR officials went crazy and rich bars. Ignore him. Obviously three others went on went on and did it and chief stood there the whole time and all he wants somebody to do as he the lars off. Pull the wires. Pull the wires and we're like what she was talking about well. He wanted us to pull the wires off a Pearson Scar. The plug wire couldn't crank draft across star. Finish line first but no they were. Wouldn't that many that went across and those that did got a little bit of screamed at by. Nass carpet was all such a great event. I think they really enjoyed it. Steve You had some pretty big names on that team. Obviously you had Richard Maurice Chief You had dylan. I believe buried dodds was there was there at the time. What was it like to be learning from people of such a huge huge stature? The biggest thing I learned quickly was that it was compartmentalized. You had people that took the tank out every week and cleaned it and put it back in You had uncle bottle milliken. Who was Paddy's uncle? And he he dismantled all the wheels and tires and clean everything up and pulled. The inner liners out. You know the bunch of built things control arms and looked at the K. members. The front suspension pieces that came out of the car did a lot of magnetic flux and then across the street in the new buildings where they put everything together so everybody kind of had their job and what was good about my position was I was under Ritchie bars and he did a little bit of everything so I got to learn everything that was other than that. I don't think it had been dad enjoyable because my idea was to learn how to do everything as quickly as I couldn't and hopefully become good at ten point seven the that correct. Yeah Yeah Yes Jerry Cook. What was the reasoning behind that I had felt like for his modified? Yeah to risk point. I'd basically been in the in bigtime race in a year and I was concerned that maybe I hadn't learned enough to be where I was at petty enterprises in other words. I meant I need to step off here and see if I can do something by myself. So Jared Cook was looking for somebody for the year to run with him. He was at Bowman Gray and he said why. Don't you just come with me? So I mean grey. Yeah yes sir. I had everything I own was in three grocery bags and it was all close. I didn't even have luggage. And I jumped into the truck and went with him and I went from this incredibly big shop with forty people working in it called Petty Enterprises to Jerry Cooke myself and jerry nuts and bolts weren't in cabinets. They were chasing sanborn cans. And things like that. So if you get something done you had to do it so I felt like it was May till November period where we ran about eighty seven ninety races. And if something's going to happen you Jerry was going. We're going to do it and I it. It really made me feel like I was capable of doing something and then Some way tile on touch with me and said I'm going to start racing. He said Dad wants to know if you'll come take my car but anyway I just needed approved myself that I was worthy almost. Yeah so you do go back to level cross and you're gonna be cows crew chief. Yes early in his career. What do you remember about those formative years obviously you want it Daytona? Yeah but then the fishing I remember back. Then you had different heights. Spoilers that you boil that that you bolted on the back of the deck let. It wasn't a matter of bending things around us we just had different holidays. No minimum and We sent Kyle because he was comfortable as convenient so cool. You know he didn't he wouldn't worry about it with a in spoiler. Simeon Richard or H Richard staying on top of the trailers time and watch them. There wasn't much electronics. And he's what's boy you got on there and I said the inch in these and he got down that ladder. Neil Richards got a funny way when he walks really fast. And you know and that's what are we doing? He's yet in it. Get Five is gonNA hurt himself. But ultimately it all worked out and we won the race but After that Richard Wounded Tile to do a lot of things so we bought a car from Hoss. Ellington Bill Fat Rebuilt Fat. And he we want to inauguration Nashville drag somebody else's car and we got there in the car wouldn't bunch of things look scary on us so we came home and then we took the magnitude Talladega. I think we're in a minute Michigan things like that crash trying to qualify fourth of July. It was a bit of a rough year and I'm not really sure I know Lee was involved more than people know and I'm not really sure that there was enough money to race kyle or there was enough interest family wide to race cow. So Richard Kimmy that fall and he said you're coming over on my car and I said okay. That's cool so I went to work under Dale for Richard and when Dale left for Ostlund yeah after the Daytona five thousand nine hundred eighty one you were like co crew chief with weights Thornburgh. Yes Sir okay Well have you gotten any indication? Today was going to leap. And what was the team's mood after work? The first indication I had was when when Dale kind of choked up in Victory Lane Daytona and while Mary I'll be home tonight. I thought wonder what's wrong or maybe Mary sick or something. I mean that's how I mean we just had our heads down. We had no idea. No I really. Wow I saw. We saw one long conversation. There are two buildings that were parallel to each other separated by about one hundred feet of asphalt at the patties of a and we were in the building where we built cars ritchie bars. I across the street were Dale and Richard in a really long drawn out conversation in January that year. I thought we all know what's going on there but there was man they wanna clue which tales tales really cool about stuff like that but it was It was rough. People didn't know who is going to be the boss and how it's GonNa work out and all that way wasn't excited about being a CO crew chief. And eventually he's like man. Just just take care of that mass. You know I I I WANNA do what I've always done. It was it was tough we want to racists. We won North Spur on Michigan. We were happy about that. But by eighty two the load of I think running to cup cars with basically one cup cars budget had gotten a little tough and I decided to step away and go do something else now. At some point you did move on and you went to build cars during the wake. Who was that was that back with? Text No J. Hitchcock. Okay number one Richard Role Jay Hitchcock Bill Tech. I wasn't there but yeah. He's a pretty famous very famous late model stock car builder in High Point North Carolina. And you were also Ron Bouchard's crew chief here. How who was he? Running for at the time was farms and BB. Yeah Jack bbn Somehow Jack and Oh Man I'm I'm sorry I can't remember. His name is the guy that was in charge. Bob Johnson Bob Johnson head. Gotten Cross ways. And I can't imagine Bob Johnson. Anybody can can you will you? Change Taskforce Yes so we went to Daytona made some changes and talked about things and they said you need to be the crew chief. I I'm not moving to Connecticut. But we'll do whatever we need to do. So I ran third. There went to Nashville the next week and ran second went to Portland next week can ran third with jets excited. He you know he doesn't have somebody screaming at him all the time and rounded that somebody screaming at him either so they said. Just come to Connecticut's now I got a wife and two little kids and there. I'm going to travel my whole life racing. I want my wife to at least have her parents and you know all the people. She grew up with around her for support. Because I'm not GonNa be there that much so so They eventually hired David if David didn't go to Connecticut because they moved down and bought the dagger shopping and raced.

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