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In two thousand seventeen and was voted britain's best boss among several other accolades for the first time in rugby league world cup. History the men's women's and we'll chat on will take place in two thousand twenty one or sixty one. Matches will be played at venues across england between saturday. The twenty third october and twenty seventh of november. Twenty twenty one here. Is chris go back a year. What yaw urgent versus important list was like if you lie or the what your the way in which you framed the next period and then i want to know ultimately what was important what fell away. We all have urgent important in the eisenhower thing or whatever we want to call it. We have a framework of working out how to allocate our time but then this massive shock comes and i guess my question is what did you find was important greg richard. The the organizations have already lost levels will be living the values rail clarity of years before the pandemic. If you don't values something comes along like upon dynamic the first thing to do look evaluation inside when we make decisions we still want to continue to make decisions about at all values so whilst mosel clearly Financials pandemic kill the bulls Border controls at competing nations vaccinations. What's not change Is a will assume whilst not change because of values are inclusive waltz..

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