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Back from what injury and he dropped a eight hundred foot in the weight room. And just really a lot of talent o on inside of all strike. But the question was what whether or not he'd be able to stay healthy. So here he is on the backside of career at thirty five years old or whatever and his body feels actually better in many ways than it did when he was younger, but he talked about knowing how to manage basically is help one wanna swing and a fly to right center field. It is pretty well. Hit back at the fence jumping. Lorenzo cain. Me went up and reached over the fence to rob freeze. Back to I goes Turner, Lorenzo Cain, feel it into the outfield after that extraordinary catch that denied freeze of what would have been a home run. Regretting their for Lorenzo Cain. Who last night wasn't able to come down with Chris Taylor's triple? Save part of the ballpark talking to k- today. He was still kind of stewing about at the end because he said if I run that far to catch the ball, I expect to catch it and so right out the gate here today. I think he forgets about last night, you're everything, but it can be Matombo finger-wagging out there for the outfield from Lorenzo Cain. Definitely feeling it after that great catch and who can blame them to down. Here's Manny Machado shortstop at cleanup hitter for the dodgers. Standard for ball. Juan Machado had a great game last night two for four with a home run a single that. He drove in three. And again, the brewers have the shift on Acura just off the bag of first with a rudder behind a big bowl of the right side as Machado Switzer cuts foul wanted one. Not that purple for my. Shot over the dodgers, two seventy three thirteen homers. Just over a couple of months worth of at bats as Kate out in centerfield now is taken his glove off. These Tigers shoelace. Finally is aware of it paints still working on it. Now. He's ready to go was Machado steps back in. He had finally works about as quickly as any pitcher in baseball. The set the one one MRs inside for Paul to knowing O'Kane runs fast. He also ties his shoes quickly as well. Because if you get tied in between pitches is right with Wade Miley on the bound special talent, this is a challenge for the for the analyst as well for the radio analyst in this guy game throw pitches in there to MRs outside all three. Bats didn't look happy about that kind of took his time. Throwing it back. To Wade Miley. You gotta stay on Manny Machado, three one. And he catches the outside corner for a strike, but Chato tossed the bat away was taking off one of his gloves. What are you heard the strike juke call from border and the crowds give it a half watt force. He makes his way back to the plate. Makeup ball for the pitch before borderline brats. Did a good job lobby for pitcher? It's the board like call the next time. They are on their feet Turner will be on the mood there. He goes the three to sent foul off to the right. Well, back into the seats. I just really would feel comfortable giving Manny Machado. Anything middle away. But especially something off speed metal away. Just fouled that bitch off- cutter in on the hands. And he could sweep the breaking ball down in as well. It worst case scenario. Long foul ball shadow. This dangerous right handed batter with an open stance. He asked for time at the last moment. And he clearly asked for time in time. It was ran into my Allan Border again. Maybe just tried to Miley who is such a quick worker. Dan, give me time. Boy, George there you go. You are so relevant to so many different. That's not that. So many different generations. Turner will be on the move again. And the three touts swing and a broken background ball out towards second up with it. And on the first time a shot. Shattered about by hit the ball hard at all my against him. And that's all for the dodgers. No survey should've and left rate. Catch by Lorenzo Cain. Go score going to the bottom of the first. This is the National League championship series on ESPN radio and the ESPN app presented by auto zone. The stage.

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