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I did at that point in time. I was like I don't WanNa do this. No more like I don't want to deal with the politics of playing a sport that I love and I feel like the gamed in love me back at one point at that point in time. This is all emotions going in at that point in time. I felt like I love the game or the game. Love me at that particular time so now I'm saying at that point. That was my emotions now. I love the game too much to be away from it. I just love the game. I do everything everything. I'm training a young guys. I'm training myself like I'm in and now I got my kind of a new a new life about me. After after it took me a while to get out of that situation Awasthi emotionally well that is just one small part of Stephen Smith exclusive interview that we just saw with Carmelo Anthony. I'm Charlie Arnold joined here in New York with Max Keller and Max we just heard about an hour long conversation between Steven A. in Carmelo Anthony. What's your biggest takeaway the way I took a bunch of notes on it so there's a couple of things to get to a bunch of things to get to here I my general reaction is Carmelo seems like a guy and he seems as though he was being honest with you with the public? He's being honest about how he feels but I don't think he's fully being honest with himself right right now for example. Why is he talking now? He's talking now because he doesn't have a job when he says he loves the game. The game didn't love him back at one point in time. He's he's not like you. Don't retire from the game. The game retires you and at the moment the game has retired him so I want to get to that for a second where Carmelo Carmelo thinks he is in terms of his his value on a basketball team because his skills his skills are excellent his overall game as has a scorer is one of the best ever and he's still highly skilful that way. I'm going to get to specialization and how that's affected in a second where he thinks he is in his career and where he actually is. There's a huge gap still a big gap. I know he thinks he's accepted a lot for example now. He's willing to go to the bench yeah yeah. No kidding dude of course should have been willing years before you were and it would have helped like looking Vince Carter did really effective player with job for twenty years because because he was a superstar.

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