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We cannot keep kicking this can down the road, and we can do that without limiting the proper governmental of forty of local communities. The people of Lubbock should be able to decide and have the freedom side how much tax they're citizenry for the support of their schools, and it's not proper for big government and Austin to come marching out the Lubbock are marching up the Fort Worth to tell us what to do with the schools, by the way, Jay that we own this morning. I spent all morning at west cliff elementary. I'm looking at west cliff elementary outta my living room window right now. It's a block away eighty percent of those kiddos on free and reduced lunch. I'd send my kids there any day of the week the principal there the Glaspie. She runs that school like KAI chip. You could have heard a pin drop walking down. Those halls. We went into a dozen classrooms, and those kids are learning bright receptive that teachers are dedicated in this, you know, she'd been traduced me to the teachers in this teacher went to Cornell. This teacher went to TCU this teacher went to the Texas Tech. And this teacher went to Harvard goodness gracious alive. And that is every school we go in to. And so it's is this disconnect now, we're reconnecting it. But there's this disconnect between the affirmation and favor we have toward our schools, and our neighborhoods and what the legislature decides in Austin, and we need to close that gap. So that there's no longer any dissension about public education policy where all singing out of the same, and you expect the governor to talk about this tomorrow and his inauguration. I think one of the governor taxes and evil word cannot think that he's got it in his bloodstream that he cannot ever mention the word. I don't know. What is you know? I'm certainly in no place to try to second guess his motives. I think Texans are willing to pay full. What produces a profitable future? Texans have always been visionary. They've always been forward thinking forward looking. They always been on the pan pioneer front for productivity, and creativity, and ingenuity and innovation and it takes money. It takes money in the Leeson family and the Johnson family and the Texas family and Texans are willing to provide that money in a fair and equitable way with growing population. We've. Got a tax base. That's expanding. We've got the we've got new construction, and you know, property taxes need to be reined in and those revenues have got to come from other sources now, you know, the commission didn't touch it. And chairman Brister said, well, you know, it's not our responsibility to talk about money, and they didn't want to say that the schools were not being properly funded because scream court, you know, just re just a couple of years ago determined that they were and so it's it's. Just a a an untenable situation and the governor needs to show leadership about. No. I don't think he's going to mention it. I don't think it's going to mention it tomorrow. Early. I don't early in the game. It's the first week of the lesson. Could come from other directions, though. Not really hadn't. But I wouldn't it's really not, you know, it's not sort of the path. I travel we're involved in schools. And you know, we have some part all these loopholes though. I mean businesses getting you know, a home lot of money in loopholes. If you close some loopholes, you wouldn't be creating new Texas. You would be able to be able to stay on money. That's there. Well, it's a good point. And others are saying the same thing. I haven't studied at like, I need to I know that I call you back during the Lieutenant governor's rice and the fall and made the same case J he said, look, we can we can generate. We disclosed the loopholes we can generate enough revenue to run our schools properly and constitutionally we don't have to Levy new taxes. And you know, there are people that are looking at the details and. Crunching the numbers and getting down on a drain your level. I I this is why I had hoped that the that the commission would have explored, you know, some ways that we might generate funding for our schools because nobody will stuck to that. No legislative start and house member. No, Senate member Lieutenant governor, no governor, it's not the kind of thing that you know, we wanna talk about in..

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