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The drought cbs and they got nail hey reprimanded and what now i think that's what isn't that what let me let me at a rupture libyan richard there david isn't that what bakers were probably wanna bakers problems this he's afraid that if the if they thought the if if they start the you know trying to basically make arrests or or stop stops at the registry offices they're going to be accused of what they've just at racial profiling that is credit by were buzzword the racial profiling what we do is it as not just it's just not hispanics that a stealing these identities we've lie we've had dom agents that have been identified um it this is because the cutting him in brighton this guy this loophole is available for anybody even a us citizen who wants to hide is wanted for murder whitey bolger go one car how how many how many drive how many shameless to you well when whitey was caught on many driver's license did he have yay yet he gets you will he had he had a number of identity see if he'd been collecting a phony id since nineteen seventy seven and eating go on the william until 1994 so the so the determinator pray for on camp were were very concerned about that who were the program we're just recognize and we know where the stolen identities coming from we know that they'd be stolen from us citizens from puerto rico their identities had been trashed um i gave a showed steven article last year the heralded uh he wanted drug dealer in land i was on the run and the gentleman from florida to true number holder he got arrested not once but twice pinellas county knocked on his door in like a three four month period day they arrested him and took him into custody um i had to stay please call me cup months ago he said he would just we just had a john was denied a gun permit in puerto rico niki's calling the state id section hereon in mass to get documentation because you know what he's never been to massachusetts he has a record low in massachusetts memory hitler yet our other he has fake wrecker he has some someone that has stolen his identity and his selling drugs and mass this this gentleman from puerto rico a us citizen was denied a license k so that the racial profiling.

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