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With us here on the doctor should I should learn so much more about the role of space by visiting our KTAR dot com website in the end credible Dr Scott I blog which informs you about so much in there you can download your own monthly star chart learn more and go directly to our heavens above website that helps you locate the many thousands of objects that go a little really above your head and so including some of the things that we do out in the public I want to make a recommendation for all of you listening to us on the doctor schedule to join us and send us an email it is a doctor's guide the R. S. K. Y. at **** dot net for amazing doctors guy offerings are public programs is what I'm talking about many of the lost Dutchman state park in the east valley the beautiful Sedona Rouge hotel and resort in Sedona and our monthly cruised to the cosmos on the beautiful Daschle steam all this and so much more with new locations popping up all the time here on the doctor schedule and like we mentioned at the beginning of the doctor's specialty want to have your company of course highlighted and of course do a lot with our forty two foot amazing RV an honest discussion we come to you with a very special doctor star program that's a book that for dates and times give us a call or booking hotline that is six oh two six eight four seven five nine seven six one two six eight four seven five nine seven and here we continue with many other promos from famous astronauts and so many others in the realm of astronomy space aviation and whether that help support the doctors strike shows here now nearly a decade here on KTAR news ninety two point three FM Dr sky reminds each and everyone of you of course the one always remember to keep your rights to the school I am Fridays hours thirteen module pilot I'm just happy to get a little chatting about those exciting days back on the mission now coaches some fifty years and you're listening to the doctor's guide show captain Jim Lovell olestra mountains made for very significant flights hopefully that the people listening to the young people are getting a good education got a problem in space that it was a pleasure to be the doctors guys show lots more qualified and Dr Edgar Mitchell Apollo fourteen astronaut after the moon in nineteen seventy one to the from our area on a public fourteen with commander Alan Shepard affair commander Russian who lived there come in like a problem and that was the lunar module pilot in nineteen seventy one and you're listening to the doctor schedule yes hi this is actually a Charlie Duke yes man to walk on the moon on Apollo sixteen in April nineteen seventy two and it's a great thrill of the unknown and listening to the doctors guy show hi I'm calling Walker the.

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