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At par cast and twitter at par cast network it seems simple but it really helps our show a new episode comes out every tuesday thank you so much for listening we'll see next time if we live till next time unsolved murders true crime stories was created by max cutler in developed by ron cutler it is a production of cutler media and as part of the par cast network it is produced by maxon ron cutler sound design by kenny hobbs with production assistance by ron shapiro and paul muller additional production assistance by maggie ad marin carleen madden unsolved murders as written by joshua sky and stars carter roy and windy mackenzie the amazing cast voice actors includes by alphabet ical order mike kaposi jerry courtney austin kimberley holland nick masuku and steve pinto looking for a new fast paced nail biting thriller to fill in the dexter and hannibal shaped holes in your life then you need to check out hangman a new novel by jack heath hangman introduces a darkly mesmerizing fbi consultant who skill at finding criminals comes at a price every time he saves the life he takes one hangman is available on audible and everywhere books are sold visit book club ish dot com to learn more about hangman by jack heath and start reading today.

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