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Listen and subscribe to fresh air from whyy an this message comes from npr sponsor. Discover discovery matches all the cash. Back you earn in your credit card at the end of your first year automatically with no limit on how much you can earn. It's amazing because of all the places where discover is accepted ninety nine percent of places in the us the take credit card so when it comes to discover get used to hearing yes more often learn more at discover dot com slash match twenty twenty one nilson report limitations apply from npr and wbz chicago. This is wait wait. Don't tell me the npr news glitz. I'm curtis playing this week with karen. She lacey mosley and bobcat goldthwait and here again ensure a host. Who for eleven minutes. This week move one spot up on the richest man on earth list. peter sagan. thank you out. it's time for the wait. Wait don't tell me the listener. Game cohen triple eight. Wait wait to play our game in the air. You're on wait wait. don't tell me hello. I'm maggie from swarthmore outside of philadelphia. swarthmore i know it. Well i understand. There's a small college of some kind there where people can learn a trade or something like that. Yes what do you do. There is worth more. Actually i work In another place outside of philadelphia. Doylestown where i'm a hospital chaplain. Oh my goodness homema- mirth drains for me. Well if i can be sincere. You're doing very important. Work ended as much appreciate it. Thank you well. It's nice to have you with me. You're gonna play our game in which you must try to tell truth from fiction bill. What does maggie's topic deny everything politicians have secrets for example. Did you know that under ted cruz is beard..

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