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Hi Kevin lines yet president and to finding and I've got some great news for you property values are up and mortgage rates are at a two year low to put your home to work for you whether you're looking to just lower your mortgage payment have an adjustable line of credit to some nagging date okay cash out it's with a five minute phone call I'm AT one eight hundred three three three five one five seven online thank offending dot net equal housing lender all applicants qualified yari number oh one two seven six point seven loans made or arranged pursuant to the department of business oversight California finance lenders law and MLS number two three six four one nine and three one nine four oh eight average mortgage rates published by Fannie Mae call for details selling your home doesn't have to be filled with drama or having to pay hidden fees your friend Sean Hannity here to tell you as an active investor I firmly believe in working with the smartest local agents who sell homes in high volume repair your home to create the most demand when it does go on the market to sell for the highest price and don't fill your life with drama while you wait for your home to sell when I want to know what's happening there's only one agent I call Chris Heller Heller the home seller at Keller Williams realty now every single day on average he sells multiple homes and attracts new homes which gets you early access to great homes before they hit the market and we have so many buyers he allows you to establish a deadline at a price acceptable to you so that deadline passes and your home is not sold he will buy your home don't believe the myth that all agents market the same way to contact the agent I personally trust call Chris Heller at eight hundred eight hundred twenty nine seventy eight that's eight hundred eight hundred twenty nine seventy eight online at ask how are the home seller dot com that's S. Keller the home seller dot com in the Army National Guard family means everything our parents they're really supportive all five of us were joined I got my education because of the guard I got to travel a.

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