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I mean, like, you know, his game I gain and that would be a good single book and like movie, it's just, hey, mitch's games. Yeah. That'd be cool. Something like that would be cool. Oh, fuck it. Now, I just really enjoy when like these big universes. This is like especially like fantasy SCI fi. And like distortion stuff where it's like these made up universes and stuff where like they like drill. Try and keep it like making sense and not just destroying everything. Like whole bunch of spin offs and stuff. If I appreciate it. Really good story in world that makes sense. They did the main story, and they I mean, it wasn't great that they did three movies out of one small book. But at least it was just that fucking book, and they. Pulled other shift from king's other writings, so it's not like they're supposed to be coming out with the game of thrones spinoff seven spin offs that they're piloting right now. Like, it's ridiculous gonna do so much with that. They're just trying to sell this Funke pops. That's the t- if Dexter was still on when Funke was around. They would have already had that fucking spin off. You don't think there's already you don't think they have Dexter funk goes, I don't know. Going like set show anymore because they ruined it which bucking suck. Every single other person. I've ever talked to that watched Dexter is like I hate that. I hate. It makes me so mad. Everybody was so good always has just watching till the season four and then stop. There are some aspects of later seasons that I did like I like when spoiler he gets caught at the end of season six by his sister. Jessie, forget her name. I don't like what then what they do with that. Then it's just like where it goes all downhill, but I love that he got caught that was the best season finale ever, just like that shock moment, and it just blacks free. And that's it. So good. Yeah. Our really remember anything else likes look where to kind of getting on his shit and like getting then the booking don't do that. Still we be so mad like one day a kinda wanna watch through it again. But every time I think about it. I think about how badly burned. Yeah. Let us know. What was the most burned you ever were by show, especially series, or at piece of media them like ruined something for because I've seen like there'll be like movies that you're like super excited about because you watch the trailer? And then you realize when you see the movie that the best parts were what you already saw the trailer. And that everything else was terrible. I saw Sarah Hawkins was saying that that new movie that came out for Netflix, which Jillian hall velvet something. Bella chain. So yes, she was saying that like if you already watched trailer already saw the best parts like she was pretty disappointed. Like, I know that that's happened to me before with other things really remember. But I don't know let us fucking note or even book series. I feel like I have a tendency to be less. Let down by the end of a book, but book series seemed to. Like more time, you have more time, and you're not like restricted to like. With TV's like you have to have a new season every year fifty minutes in finale or maybe a two hour series. And like, you know, when there's a great anatomy series finale..

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