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Why risky deal like getting a check in the mail on thirty three percent loan could that be a risky deal i mean that is i mean if it was the evil coke brothers doing something like this they they might have an argument to say look we the terms are disclosed maybe you think we should write them in larger font but these people on every broadcast on cnn and msnbc to be fair this is the washington post with an extensive analysis and they i mean they did they really dove into this now look i know what beating up on tim geithner does for the political discussion at this moment now because now he's a capitalist and now it's okay to go after him wasn't okay to go after him when he was using turbo tax was it okay to go after him when he's in the obama administration making the arguments about how evil predatory lending was now these out of there and he's a businessman i guess you can go after him but that being said give credit to the washington post here for actually doing a little bit of work and exposing i think i don't know if it's anything illegal but something really ethical anyway but critical sure so you know who has a better idea to help the poor is richard branson yeah he's got a great solution to poor people and that's to send him free money just give them free money not from tim geithner but from from the government and the government just has a wellspring of money and i i don't know comes from they've just got so much money and they just give it to people so that's great so this is a good idea those is that the group that bring the prince those green pieces of paper with the president's on them yeah yeah those are really cool those are cool over and over and over us prayed it and give it to people's long as they have paper yeah they had to get ready you do have to have the environment is so important to keep trees available for us to print money so he's he's also another guy that's on the basic income just you you just get a basic income bandwagon she's failing becoming prevalent though there's a lot of talk of it yeah they fail finlander denmark finland finland that did it and they have the transaction it was amazing there's a podcast that featured this maybe ninety nine percent invisible i think it was maybe and they did a whole thing on universal basic income first of all you know nixon advocated for this yes which is kind of amazing i mean nixon the republican right every huge conservative that not only did universal basic income and experimented with it in the united states by the way but also wanted to ban all handguns so but other than that we're real hardcore conservative they're just he becomes a conservative after the scandal right you know he was seen as mean and look he was a republican as opposed to a democrat he was more conservative than some people in the country obviously but the idea that he was some ideological conservative is insane he was a progressive republican big time so anyway he wanted to do that finland decided to try to do it and they had an interview with a woman who was on the basic income give away from the finnish government and it was interesting what they decided to do they didn't they you know the idea here in the the concept of the podcast was to say what a wonderful way to design policy instead of going out and just like passing let's say obamacare they didn't certainly didn't use that as an example parts you pass obamacare what they say is all right like try things give you know maybe you you try odom mccarron one community maybe you try it over ten thousand people spread across the country and that's what finland decided to do they did a lottery and in a way a real lottery in which they gave away money as universal basic income to a bunch of people just a few thousand is a.

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