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Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on today's episode of Ellen on the go, Kate Hudson and Goldie. Hawn get very personal during burning questions. Carrie Underwood. Does her best not to have Ellen reveal the gender of her new baby and Caitlyn Allen gives his followers some life advice. Welcome to our podcast. I'm Andy. I'm Andy last ner. I'm Mary calmly. I'm Ed glavin. I'm Kevin Leman and we are the executive producers of the Ellen Degeneres program. I mean, the reaction and the response to this podcast has been. Stephanie. Tens or tens of people have listened to it. And some of those lights leave that I go onto Twitter and people are really seeming to like it. They like hearing from us. They like a little bit of the behind the scenes that we give them and and they actually want more of that. They really like hearing a about how this show comes together under my guidance. I've heard they're particularly fond of my work. That's true. No, you gotta DM on. Yeah. From from viewer and a fan of the show said, what who said Mary Connolly is such a bad ass. I think she's incredible say that's what I've been telling you guys said, why don't you send that note to Mary. I told you I've been telling you give a bad ass. Jerry, you're the reason. We're all here. We're aware. Let's talk about Kate Hudson and Goldie. Hawn. Oh my God, mother, I want. I want Goldie Hawn to be my mom for friend to have the two of them play off each other. Like I didn't see if ever done. I don't think Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn of ever done a talk, show appearance together. I don't ever remember seeing them together and they were so so fun. It was so fun to watch. They're like little diner. Their little mother, daughter dynamic isn't more pregnant. She was like about like your water could have brought on our show. I'm guessing by the time anyone is listening to this podcast, she will have had her baby probably. I mean, she was she's maybe the most fragment guest we've had as close birthright. She like I was actually nervous right. Hi ladies. How are you? Oh, good. Yeah. Yeah, like you are winning. When are you do? Let's just say you probably have never had anyone this pregnant on your. I mean, really look like it's any minute now. Could be well, honor could go any second. I have. I have..

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