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Cap trust and take a look at the Wall Street News, Business News and beyond this Wednesday morning jobs, JOBS JOBS Sam 10.9 million jobs open companies struggling to fill all those positions and you're hearing it every day from restaurants who are Closing up on Mondays or not offering lunch. I mean, there's all sorts of different tax being taken. As we deal with that. What is a labor shortage? The question is, Will it be alleviated by All the enhanced unemployment benefits in the eviction moratorium. Both of those situations kind of burning off this month, not to mention the fact kids back in school, which might open up the possibility of work for a number of people. But make no mistake about it. If you're so inclined to look for a job, you can be pretty picky these days. There's a lot of jobs out there, especially in the service industries. Amazon, They are bringing their cash. Fearless technology to Whole foods. Stores are starting out with two stores one on the East Coast one on the West. But that's just they're just walk out technology where you swipe your app. You pick up what you want and you'll walk out. And so they're testing that out in two different whole foods with the idea of taking it to all whole foods in the near future. Let's check the real time Numbers. Dow Down 48 35,052 NASDAQ Down 1 14 The S and P down 12 points or a quarter of 1%. Gold down one oil up. 1% 10 Year bond Yield. 1.35 Kelly thanks so much time to roll out some fresh new audio for you in the eight o'clock our full speed ahead for the Biden administration and Speaker Nancy Pelosi in their effort to push through not only $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, but also another $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. Upwards of $5 trillion in new spending. Many in Congress, including Senator Joe Manchin, Democrat West Virginia, are concerned that it's way too much spending. But Labor Secretary for President Biden, Marty Walz says We need the big spending. Now. Here's what he told CNN. This is about the public. This is about the people of America. This is an investment that they've never seen before. It's an investment the president's committed to. It's an investment. A lot of people in Congress committed to it's about it's just as important as building a new bridge. About laying down the foundation so we can train the workers, So, as the president says, we can win the future. Now This comes on a morning where we have just heard from. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who has just testified before. Congressional leaders at the U. S. Is now on track to default on the national debt in October if the White House and Congress are unable to raise the debt limit. The short story on this one, the cliff notes running out of cash. And if you don't start borrowing more, we're going to shut the light zone. Uh, we have heard this so many times in our lifetime, And here we are back again. Because they got to raise that they got to raise the debt ceiling. They got to borrow more money they do they do and they need they need to make sure they can get all of their Democrats in line. Pass these bills when we say they have to borrow more money. What Yellen is testifying to today on Capitol Hill. It does not include the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. $13.5 trillion proposed reconciliation package that that's outside. Of those boundaries, right? I mean, So you have you have people saying that the we're looking at financial Armageddon if our debt limit isn't raised. They say that all the time I know we're gonna have to shut down the federal government and I mean, have you ever run into anybody on the street going? Oh, no. He just shut down the federal government. I wonder. I mean, I'm not an economist, but I just think it's all the Treasury secretary does not think this is concerning I just seems It seems like we're living in the matrix that it does. It does as as someone and it's not just Janet Yellen. These are people who have spent their entire lifetimes decades in finance. I mean, you just how they cannot sit back and look at this story line and say. This is a recipe for disaster. What we're doing. I mean, it's like you really hope they know something you don't know. You know what they know They're not paying back this debt now. Well, our grand are great. Kids are going to be able to pay it by. I just I mean, how else do we get out of this beside defaulting? And then I was ticked off for all these other countries who bought our Treasuries? Yeah. No. Yeah. Oh, boy. Anyways, nous. Okay, That's the money side of Washington, D. C for you this morning. Speaking of D. C. They're coming to California here soon, At least the the two most prominent members of Washington D. C. The vice president and the president will be in California. They will be campaigning for Governor Newsom one today and one early next week, So we'll break that down for you. And apparently a lot of us are anxious to get back to the office. Yeah. New poll. For news. You can try things that I need to know everything about the kfbk Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil more than just a headline going deeper with in depth and perspective on Sacramento's news, 93.1 kfbk. Hi, Christina. Here for my friend Tom Davis. A little bit something the Indigo girls, Emily Failures. 80.

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