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Boob disco ball to sending x to a supermodel and a two million dollar boob bra to glow up. Do you ever miss the the days when you started the grind? I mean, there's gonna be some kind of magical little thing that happened during those those bleak performances places where you perform that you kind of kind of magical wasn't ever I will say the lack of expectation is really freeing because when you first start out, and you're like in a place where people don't necessarily know you you have that drive to do your best every time, and I feel like any artist no matter how passionate or how motivated it's very easy to fall into a pattern of like these people already love songs, they're here. They bought the ticket. Like, I did my first arena tour here, you guys know that because they came here to talk about it months ago a year ago. Sorry about that time flies wanted to any more a year ago and walking out into these rooms is like over ten thousand people in them, and everyone already knows the songs and you're kinda like. This moment of like. You know, they're gonna like it either way. But you don't do that. You've you go back to when he first started out. And you remember that mentality of like a need these people to love me, and I need to prove to them like that. This was worth their time and worth their energy. And when you revert back to that experience, it makes what you do when you're current state like so much more rewarding because I still treat every single show. Like, it's one of those shows from the beginning where like every time I walk on stage. I'm never bored. Do you get butterflies things to every night? Like the thin line between excitement, and I really need to vomit. Exciting unexciting vomit. I love you. When you really nervous performers talk about this. When you get really nervous you start yawning. Your mind is like oxygen, remember yawning? So the people around you like you poured you tired McComb actually just excited. So it's like it's so ironic because it's the opposite effect that you want to be yawning. I'm yawning backstage..

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