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All that jazz 88 88 ask Leo 8888275536. If you want to talk, I Tech With me. We get a lot of calls. We did actually. Last year towards the end of the year because people had seen that adobe flash was going away. You know, that's the technology that gave you dancing monkeys on the Internet for so many years. In fact, when, when you took first started out the videos on YouTube were in flash. But Adobe, uh, kind of ran into some headwinds with flash. For one thing. It was Kind of notoriously insecure people had all sorts of security issues with it. But for another thing, Apple Steve Jobs who kind of had an ax to grind with the Dhobi for other reasons. Published a open letter on the front page of apple dot com Way back in 2010 saying We're not gonna support flash on our iPhones or on ipads because we don't like it. It's zah pig. It's slow. That was 10 years ago took 10 years to finally kill flashing. December, 31st. Flash went away. Adobe stopped using it and we had a lot of calls to people. Then what am I gonna do? What? My my website is gonna work and my game and I think by now you probably it's only the oldest sites sites that I haven't been updated in years. They're still using flash. And frankly, those probably won't ever be updated their abandoned where Most sites. I mean YouTube stopped using flash years ago. Funny story, though. There's a railway system in northern China doll, Leon It was running on flash the whole railway system. They've known we've known since 2017. The flash was going away. But apparently whoever is running this railway system, the China Railway Shenyang Wasn't paying attention. Uh, By the way, I flashes a programming language. I guess you could do things like run a railway on it. I wouldn't want Oh, but you could So the for 20 hours. The railroads in Dolly on and Leon Ng province in China. Northern China. Weren't running. Staffers couldn't view train operating diagrams. They couldn't Set up scheduling. They couldn't arrange shutting. Basically, everything stopped. Had they fix it. They got a Pirated version of flash and install it for 30 in the morning, everything started working again. Uh um. That's probably the most extreme example of were not given up flash ever. Right. They're running a Pirated version. Of flash. Oh, my back to the phones. We go. Jesse, Ontario, California Hi Jesse Leo Laporte The Tecca. Hello. Look. Hey, you're on the air. Hi. I'm sorry. Did I say Jesse? Jose? I mis read that. I apologize. Hi, Jose. No problem. Thanks for taking my call. Leo. My pleasure problem. Um, I was working on the project first. Work and I finished my project close to computer computer. Uh, went to work the next day says I've been blocked off Google now. I Oh, no. I work at a school where they used Chromebooks. But because of the audio and video, I used my personal laptop, which which doesn't have the problems that the Chromebooks air having. The problem is that all the sudden I can't access group, So the thing you were working on was in Google docks. In your account. And they've kicked you off of Google. Do you know why did they give you a reason? No, it will it first. The two met two messages pop up, one says, Firewall, blah, blah, blah and the real quick and only it's only up for just like two seconds. And so I made sure that all my, you know defenders off, he said is off. VPN is off. And it still won't allow me. I tried toe do updates on the set, and they can't connect because there's no Internet, it says. My systems appears to be configured correctly. But for some reason, Google isn't Isn't going to. So it's not that Google is not letting you log in. Necessarily. Could you check your Gmail? No. Can't do that. Either. Can't do anything with Google. I mean, I can go to my desktop that I haven't another room. I can access Google. I can go with that computer. The first thing to do is make sure that computer's time and date is correct. Um, can you Oh, Okay, let's see well. 1970. You've got a problem. So the reason that's important It's sometimes this happens with computers. You know, they forget what time and date it is usually because the battery that backs that stuff up is old and has failed. If the time and date is wrong. Certificates. That verify that you're on the right site won't work because they are approved for a certain period of time. Usually, actually now, from now on, it'll be one year but even the most five years And when your clock fails, it goes way back on early DOS machines went to 1904 units machines, He goes back to 1970. So check it is your time and date correct. It says General 24th. Okay, 2021. Okay, So it's not that that's always the first thing to check and everybody listening. Keep that in the back of your mind. As if if all of a sudden the Internet stops working that zoo often why s Oh, that's not it Dessert. If you are on that machine, your browser, can you go to other sites and log in and use them normally? No, it's I tried going on duck, duck. Go. OK, Fox? Nothing. Okay. Seems okay. So here's the good news. You haven't lost anything. It's just that computer. Yeah, I was gonna worry, because I hate it. When you work on a project for hours and then suddenly you can't access it is gone and it is, You know, it's probably good. Little warning that you know when you're using Google or Facebook, or, you know somebody else's You know, system those They're all very nice and convenient this class systems, But it can happen that your account for whatever reason gets canceled doesn't happen that often. But if it did, and it was in error, you would lose access to whatever stored in that cloud, So it's always good to Put stuff in, you know, more than one place. This is just this computer, and it does sound like sounds like he had a lot of security software running on that computer. Yeah, that sounds like that might be related to the issue. So I turned it off. You turn off all the security suffer. Tell me what you've got right? He said a VPN and he said the anti virus had he set on the head of VPN, and then I never turned on defender. That. Excuse me. That's far as I know that's the only Yes or something. Security. I have things mess. Stop. Obviously, with your Internet access one thing you could tries its windows. Yeah. When is 10? 88 Windows eight could be part of the problem. That could be part of the problem. Uh, so, uh, yeah. I mean, I don't think end of life of Windows eight would have would do this, but that that could be part of the problem. Um I would Um Keep going. E guess you go into safe mode, maybe, and see if things are working better. There do safe mode with networking. So that you can Try. Your browser will look awful, You know, because it's safe mode turns off all the drivers. One of the thing. It'll turn off any bad background security software as well. So I would try safe mode with networking..

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