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Why other countries hate us like we have a game show on our country called survivor game show in our country. We can win a million dollars for surviving thirty days in a place where people already live and that speaks volumes. Excuse me. Can I have some Brad I've been here for sixty years? No the game never cell phones. This is hard. So the question. Daniel Tosh is our guest Daniel take a breather while Christy, grabs a couple of news headlines. I'm I'm still cherishing. Those those jokes. Those are. So funny a dozen every time who's the guy. This is totally off the subject, but you talk about people who are completely full of themselves and pretentious. Donald trump. Well, no, no the guy that used to run. The Olympics was his name Samaranch. Juan Antonio Samaranch. He he. Crawling. He was in his contract that if he was in town you had to call them your majesty. Changing their rider. At every event he had to arrive last and no one could leave until he left, right? Your pretentiousness. Your your Grafton us. So as president of the Olympic Canadian didn't he finally retired go off into him? Spanish everyone else retired. I. He stuff a little bit of a. Wow. Speaking of the Olympics. We've got trouble. We do. Hundreds of firefighters battled. Gale whipped blaze yesterday that killed at least one burn more than a dozen homes in front at least two northern suburbs. Including one that tone to the Olympic village in Athens. Uh-huh. Officials say the caused the fire not immediately known but other summer wildfires in Greece. I've been blamed. Fire seasons. Fire. See now, you can learn from it. Twelve a grease fire did talked about Athens, which is in Greece. Greece's fire. See that's what he did with that. The fire was the second in as many days the Greek civil defense agency. I wonder if they were those hats little CD. Parts of Athens in central. Greece were in blazes such alerts are normal for July temperatures soar and hot southerly winds often blow over the Sahara desert North Africa. It was ninety seven degrees with thirty eight mile per hour..

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