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You're listening to the draft we sam speed on knbr six in veen forge linda okay a little izak rural man on the violin an oscar peterson on the piano with mack the night this is the addition of at the track january seventh and it's also dollar j article eight fields soured mission sodas hot dogs beer and my most as in the gates will open a ten o'clock verse post 1230 for santa anita 1245 for the gate and our guest handicapper x the tv we welcome uh erin bear whose e good morning erin more than sam bear nice job on the pronunciation as well okay well we appreciate that uh more happy we got it right tell us about your background because this is your first appearance on after track and and how you got into racing in being common handicapper and and the people familiar with your work probably on tv a give us a little background and also we'll get into a little explanation of how people watch x xp tv sam all i think like every race stand they went to the track as kids with an uncle or a parrot laura grandfather and that was kind of all three for me and ended up at the university of arizona racetrack of different program i didn't take one broadcaster journalism class i wanted to be in the office i want it to be in the exact of office and i i got a job at santa anita back in two thousand and i started in as the assistant to the assistant ended up as the director of simulcasting for all of strana groups um which is uh at the time was seven racetracks and i kept bugging um amy zimmerman who ran each her tv at the time to let me try tedium just let me go on there for one schol deuce oral racing i don't care i just want to try it and uh somebody called in sick and i got a chance to go up and do some harness racing of all things and and i loved it and the rest is history went on to a host a lotta shows on each her tv with jeff siegel and uh we had a first caller from clockers corner i was really proud.

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