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Or to be ready for until you experience it so as far as his actual knowledge of the game or his approach to coaching the team. Um, that hasn't changed a whole lot. You know, he's still got some of the same principles that Guide him. But I think you know when you first came onto the scene, it was this was new for him a lot of these buildings he'd never been to before He never coached against these other coaches and You can try to simulate that in your mind what It would be like to go up against another team. And you know, you watch that coach on television. You see how he runs his bench. Until you actually get on the bench and you're coaching against them and you seeing how they, you know, use their personnel. I think that's something that he's gotten some more reps there and he's I think he's more comfortable with that, and as a result, he's able T do things better than maybe in in the first year or something like that. So I think his actual coaching knowledge of you know what he wants our team to do. That hasn't really changed a whole lot like he's got his principles and that he believes in and that he teaches, But I would say his knowledge of the league just through his experience. He's lived it. He's been You know, around the league couple times over. So now he knows what to expect. And it sounds like it's a small point. Um, that how much would that really matter? But I think it's actually an important thing. And now you know, I feel like his comfort levels higher and it's certainly gonna help. Moving forward that Stan Bowman on Jeremy Colton, and that is a wrap for the vandal. Chicago Blackhawks pregame show. Thanks for joining us, everyone I'm Chris Boden, John and Troy are next with the call of the season opener, Blackhawks and Bolts and 7 20, WGN. If you've got an insurance question, you could talk to a park Ranger. But the only quotes they'd probably give you would be about the beauty of a fallen leaf or ripples in a pond. Not the kind that could save you money.

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