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Hannity show write down our toll free telephone number. You wanna be a part of this extravaganza. So revealing this new information that we have today as it relates to the transcript closed-door transcript testimony provided by Lisa page. The one thing we we're we're learning so many new things that oh, yeah. What we've been telling you the fix was in. There was not a single investigative step that we did not do in consultation with or at the direction of the Justice department, which by the way, even Lisa page admits. Well, that's really not the usual protocol the way things happen. And that even Loretta Lynch didn't fully recused herself. Remember what she that said to James Comey? It's a matter. Okay. So we know where she was. She felt the Justice department led by Democrats. Yeah. That they would be essential. Do everything they can absolve the democratic candidate. That's where we get into the whole gross negligence versus extreme carelessness shift in change by Komi and struck members Lisa pages boyfriend that wrote that in may before even interviewed Clinton in July and three days later. Oh, then they exonerate Clinton. And then for nine months, they investigate Trump and even by her own words in this closed door testimony. She says we found nothing about Trump or Trump campaign high at collusion of any kind. It had gone on for months. And. You know, contrary to what so many others have said, you know, we answering about all of this. Now, we also bring into this a lot of other people, including John Brennan who had the dossier, and it brings up the question of him leaking. The Harry Reid. What other what other uses did he have now keep in mind the dossier? Also becomes that Hillary paid for full of Russian lies funneled money that that was everybody was worn by Bruce or we got Bruce ores testimony last week. Thank god. Somebody's just saying if the DOJ won't release it, I'm releasing it? That's congressman Doug Collins. We wouldn't be at this point or not for congressman Devin Nunes, California is the ranking member of the permanent select committee on intelligence, sir. How are you? Doing well, Sean, more and more is coming into focus. The American people are learning the truth. Slowly, you know, you've known a lot more than I have. I, you know, we have a little team here on our show radio and TV Solomon Carter Jarrett, and I'm gonna forget people. So I don't want to name everybody. And we've been on peeling a layer of the onion. That's how we describe it. When I interview I I'd ask you is there anything that. We're saying that's wrong. And you'd say no, I'd say you're right over the target. Also said there's a lot more to come. And so slowly, I you call it till him back the onion. I call it run into a brick wall every single day, and eventually, you know, brick by brick we're just breaking it apart. Well, did you have any time? I know you guys are busy in congress today. Trying to steal our money because October Cossio Cortez ones ninety percent of of of taxes on business and seventy percent marginal tax. But let's go through what you learn from the or testimony and the page testimony in particular that was just released a few hours ago. Well, as as you know, we've had the page testimony for some time because that was part of the task force that we set up last congress. And so the frustrating part of this is is that we've been asking for the department of Justice to release these transcripts for months now. And don't forget there are still about seventy some interviews the house intelligence committee did and then you have to add on the fifteen roughly a transcript that interviews that the task force did. So there's eighty in total of which you've only seen a couple of them. So as it starts to come out. I think what you'll see is that all of this is unusual. That's probably the first thing I would start with there was the activity that was being undertaken by the Justice department, and the FBI was they would say unusual. I would say more like corruption but steps. That never have been taken before at the DOJ or the FBI starting with the fact that they use the counter intelligence capabilities the capabilities that are used to target terrorists and bad guys overseas, and they turned it onto a political party. She talks about for the first time that there was some verification file as it relates to the dossier. Now, I would argue that that is a complete impossibility considering that under sworn testimony in an interrogatory in Great Britain that in fact, Christopher Steele said he can't corroborate his own dossier. And it's raw intelligence, and he has no idea if it's true at all maybe fifty fifty. So how could anyone corroborate something that the author of says he can't corroborate? That's impossible. Well, I think what you're going to see when this all when this all comes out. And look there's going to have to be more interviews. They're going to have to be conducted. The best thing that could possibly happen is the department of Justice to actually take a deep look at this and analyze it. But as it comes to the dossier, my personal belief now we don't have anyone who testifies to this yet. Okay. But my personal belief is that Christopher Steele really didn't draft most of that dossier. I believe the dossier was drafted in advance by fusion, GPS and other operatives including Nellie, or by the way, which the spouse to Bruce, or who was working fusion GPS. I believe the dossier was generated and then they used Christopher Steele. As the guy to put his name on it. And then help to spread it around feed it to places like. The FBI feed it to press outlets b the person who so you're basically saying that Hillary Clinton likely well, by the way, and the FBI apparently they paid Christopher Steele was getting paid by a lot of people for the same work or maybe work. Now, you're saying you didn't do Russian oligarch the FBI the DNC and Hillary. Yes, yes. And probably didn't do much. So, you know, we we've we've now through our investigation we have found, you know, other evidence that's out there about pre existing information. That is that is very similar to what is in the Steele dossier. So so I would really existing deal was more of a guy that was just hired to to add his name to it and help spread it. I'm not saying that he didn't add something he could have a couple sources, but the bulk of the information and the dossier is not Christopher Steele. And in fact, a lot of this comes. From worked at Glenn Simpson. Did back in the late two thousands. When he was a reporter at the Wall Street Journal. So so you're you're saying this is a this was this was literally made at a whole cloth. And then used in abused by the highest ranking people in the DOJ in the FBI who also now we learned a lot today about the DOJ's role in exonerating Clinton. Even though there are obvious. Even James Baker thought she should be indited for the espionage act. Any intelligent person can would notice thirty three thousand deleted emails and the acid wash of the hard drive in the is on the devices that's obstruction. So those people that put the fix in. And then they began a rush investigation just days later in July of twenty six thousand nine months later. She testified Lisa page that they had found nothing. Yeah. Well, look, that's that's the date that there. Are all sticking to. Okay. So they're all making to essentially they're fake narrative, which is this whole concept that this five is partner brought a very important intelligence to us, and we had to do nothing. But open up the investigation sounds really nice. Sounds great. To open up to be the reason to open up the investigation into the Trump campaign. However, we don't have any evidence of that. I mean, there there was no intelligence we have there's there's a lot of information out there. That tells us that the FBI was thick into this all through two thousand sixteen not just starting at the end of July like they'd like to claim. In other words, you're you're talking about. The some of the highest ranking members of our department of Justice and the most prestigious law enforcement agency in the world, not rank and file, but the upper echelon, right? The reason that they kept it. They had to have known what they were doing. So they wanted it to be a counterintelligence investigation because it's silo. It's very few people are read into this. So so they were able to keep it to a very small Qadri of people which allowed them to feed all this information in and then boom lo and behold, so there were several people that we're bringing in different forms of the dossier into the FBI into the State Department producing what I will call fake news articles based on the dossier, generating these fake news news articles, and spreading them all over the place. Not just not just to the FBI but into the State Department other places. If you go back, and look you can really find these these stories that look awfully similar to the dossier. That were written in April May June July of two thousand and sixteen. This is even before they open up the counterintelligence investigation at the end of July. Everybody wants to know. And my sources are now telling me that all of these people that did these horrible things are going to be held accountable. Do you believe that well, as you know, because I said this the other night with you on television. And that is that we are preparing a criminal referral based on on on FIS abuse. And other matters is what I will tell you right now. And by other matters, you talking about what you're describing here is the first time I've ever heard you say that Christopher Steele might not have even Britain a dossier. Well, I'm pretty sure that I don't think that's you know. It's not a big part of the story other than this pretty big to me. Yeah. You know that the people manufactured on a whole cloth allying narrative to to to stop an elector a presidential election and shifted in favor of their candidate. Then later use it to bludgeon the one that one. Yeah. And I'm not I'm not lessening at all, Sean what my point is making is is that it shouldn't surprise us that Christopher Steele was working in conjunction with fusion GPS in Clinton's. Simpson. I said earlier in the interview here, and that is that this story originates in two thousand late two thousands. So Glenn Simpson was involved working for the Wall Street Journal and his wife doing stories on Paul Manafort and Ukraine, and other you know, other types of stories so a lot of the origination. You can follow it there. Then you can follow it to fee. I so remember the fi fa cases supposedly why everybody trusts Christopher Steele. Because at that point. He was you know, this. Operative working as a former intelligence officer. And if you look at Glen Simpson's testimony he worked with he worked with Christopher Steele. Then Bruce or was involved in that if you look at Bruce or testimony, so all these characters name players, and they all they did..

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