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Nso out but the idea was i was in kids which the movie and he's gonna give me some extra money to get she's more scenes he was the movie the yet i think it's great a affair i was like i guarantee of legal backfired i said then his this is what i did to take a seventy two minute film and somehow pat out to seventy eight minutes number one really long titles the of course actually what are the best bits of the movie my brother did the mention it's really good the top sequence then the end credit sequence the rolla by this point people are leaving like oh this is be like eight minutes long like this row a deserted laser dumb gags and like and then the best thing about it is in the middle of the film there was once seen whether the heroes or is there a campfire seen and at the end of the scene the the hero just blows the campfire out with one blow and it goes black and i thought we could push seen in the dock in here so we put in light black leader elect another two minutes and then i got i wrote an extra seeing the the here is just talking in the dark and it was just put in there to try and pat out the values and i read of all sir that's it so became and then i remember what are the reviews that he was in the guardian said it seventy eight minutes outstayed his welcome luck and design snarky i so sergei could go either like that seems like part of your job as a director is to have to run the steeplechase and figure out how to problem solve and how to make things work but i think.

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