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Awful. You mentioned although the the players on this team and you go from you know kucherov. Two point to sara lee and stamkos etc. Right down to. Ross coleman like the thing that i love about tampa and do with all their men as well even like man erik. Cernak has a very definite end deliberate role on this team mike. Everybody has something that they do right like. Everybody has a job there like a bunch of worker dogs and they all have their assignment and they do it like. It's a marvel. And i'm building this up like david versus goliath. Your house montreal going to do this but the more you see tampa the more. You can't help but just being flat out impressed with this squad it'd be a good final. I'm really going to enjoy it. I i. i'm really looking forward to this final. Just make it go long. I would hate for it to get to this point. Because how hockey would this be elliott to get to this point only to see a sweep like i don't want to give this mantra. It's not going to be a sweet. I know i hope. It's i hope it's i just don't want this. If this mantra canadians story is going to end in the final. And they don't make. I will sleep for a week and guell jammies of his a sweep leading the gravity of that just sinking for one second away. Do you think. I was gonna listen to that garbage. Podcast tweeted of course. Of course you're not interested in quality. griffin's podcast talked to the gas for our. Yes all about the. Griffin's may experience there oliver's chance you'd love it you learn a thing or two along the way too. Yeah but i will sleep and gwen jammies for at least a week if it's a sweep. Oh man i can just see i can. Just i'm going to drop my tweet and save it. Send for the jammies hashtag go. Griffin's go if there aren't well jammies. I will just take won. T shirts and i will take a red marker and i will spell wealth on it w e l f go. Yeah yeah ok well done i. Can we all tell you when to western. I see now. I'm split because i'd love to see you do that for two. I don't want this to end and a hockey fashion like the hockey story for the stanley. Cup playoffs is you can get to the final as an underdog but generally are not gonna win just because it is such a grind and by the time you get there. You're as an underdog you're just exhausted because you're not quilt built for the stanley cup final. Whatever that means. It's just the history of hockey. I just hope that it doesn't end now. If it does for the montreal canadians either way. I just hope this one is a long series And with that will kick it off. Elliott's all set. I'm all warmed up. Welcome to thirty one thousand podcast presented by the gmc sierra eighty four. Can you just talk about What you're feeling right now and is it feelings that you have yourself. Is it for your teammates. Both i think it's Just for everyone. You know sucks in mac. This point short again guys like bales and greener and guys. You know indian guy you know. I got a few more years but guys are wanna win for. Those guys hurts Hertzian those guys in the locker room afterwards. Just did we just hear slash c mathew barzal age in front of us elliott friedman..

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