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Welcome to season three of journeys of faith. I'm your host Paula. Farris excited for you to dig into this season. We'll be talking to political luminaries. Some candidates and other figures figures about how their personal faith influences their person. In policy love does not morally equivocate. And that is what will defeat. The president The the ballot box. Our next guest is a friend of Oprah Marianne Williamson who has both fascinated and confused as she continues her bid for twenty twenty eight now Williamson has some really unique views on gun control. She says she'd outlaw. Bullets and one of her signature. Policies is reparations. Pain pain the African American population hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade. Her answer as to why is really intriguing. That Williamson also addresses the critics who call her a self help celebrity a menace to society an anti science but one indisputable truth. She has a massive and loyal following. We'll talk about her Jewish Jewish faith the truth regarding much talked about relationship with Oprah and her incredibly human take on simplicity of Miracles.

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