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Let's talk about this. Because you know, I I've mixed emotions. I now you do. I know you do. And so we should definitely talk that through. But this has been this has been a a trending news story for a couple of weeks now. And I know that. It's there are okay. Let's just get into it. So the college admission scandal has come out, and it has completely rocked. If you will the parenting community a bit just because of what it entails. So the US department of Justice recently launched investigation dubbed varsity blues, it's basically it wasn't an admission bribes scandal, and it's prosecuting fifty wealthy people for allegedly paying for illegal assistance to guarantee their children admission to competitive schools and two of those individuals are very well-known that is Laurie Laughlin which is aunt Becky from fuller house or full house. The first go, and Felicity Huffman, who is listening Huffman she's been in every duster housewives housewives. She the one thing she's been any such has been everything and everything everything in anything. Yeah. Yeah. What else? Oh, the that American crime. Time. She's guest guested on shameless with her husband William H Macy. She's been on. Oh my gosh. She's been on TV for at least twenty years. Basically the scam was devised by a man named William singer who owns the edge collagen career network. It's a college counseling service singer did far more.

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