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We have new details tonight palatine high school teachers is controversial Facebook post about black lives matter protesters submitted at retirement letter the teacher's post which was made after the end of the school year went public earlier this week after former students and parents raise some concerns in the wake of George Ford staff officials from the palatine Schaumburg high school district two eleven did launch an investigation into this they said racism or disrespect in any form will not be tolerated the teachers retirement must still be formally accepted by the board of education at its next meeting on June eighteenth the retirement ends the district's investigation and a man wanted for aggravated assault has turned himself into a southwest suburban police thirty three year old Joseph Colin Farrell Aurora allegedly pointed a handgun at another person during an apparent road rage incident here's a picture that we're looking at police say it happened on Tuesday morning at Boughton road in Brighton lane in Bolingbrook the person accidentally drove between two vehicles involved in a road rage situation that's when police say Colin arrow pointed the gun and that picture right there was taken by detainee at the dissipates county jail was attacked by other detainees the victim is identified as fifty one year old Bruce Mirabella he's serving two years in prison for attacking a grocery store bagger with special needs according to the sheriff's office the men were in a shared area watching TV coverage of the protests over the death of George Floyd one of the detainees apparently made a disparaging comment about president trump the sheriff's office says Mirabella replied by disparaging George Floyd the other detainees apparently kicked and punched Mirabella all employees at the field museum are mourning the death of a colleague who died from complications linked to covert nineteen thirty five year old Clinica Strozier got.

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