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Racing the Daytona five hundred kicking off the twenty twenty NASCAR season. He does Sunday two thirty eastern with the pre race beginning at one PM only on Fox. And we're join live in-studio by pole winner Ricky Stenhouse Junior. Congratulations regrets man. Thanks for having me. So how does it feel hadn't into the race as the Pole al-Satur where yet right now. Well right now just kind of soak it in yesterday. The guys at J. T. G. Doria race and built a really fast race car obviously hopes out anytime you go down and you know we all qualify and you have the fastest car in Daytona. It's always a good start to the weekend you just mentioned. Jt dougherty pardon me. You had been with rows fenway your whole career and so first time really with JT. Dorothy you win the pole for the Daytona five hundred. I take us through the change and the validation may be. I know. It's very early validation. who very early? But you know it was a kind of a refreshing off season after being at a company for so long in the same team We won a lot of races and championships there. But then You know it's just nice to get a fresh start and what kind of revitalize kind of reenergized myself to you know. Jump back in the seat and hang out in the shop and meet all the new people but The the all season season goes by really fast in our sport we end you know in November. Pick right backup and and in February but The off season is quick but hanging out with the team. And you you know coming down and you know with a with a new team new sponsors new manufacturers sitting on the pole of the Daytona five hundred is a pretty special teams. You got new sponsors. You have new everything but the one thing you did bring with you. What your your former crew? Chief who Ryan Patty. How big of a key is that to to you in the race and goes Brian's been instrumental in Kinda step in my career up and my level in the Cup series his His intensity is pretty strong and this is one thing one goal that he had come into the off season was. Hey we're going to bring the fastest car in Daytona to the race track and they worked really hard this off season on that but He pushed me to my wins in two thousand seventeen Where we last one Daytona in the coke zero? Four hundred AH The summer race. So now we gotta win the Daytona five hundred coming up on Sunday That would that would be huge to start our season that way. And what would that mean to you to be able able to start the season biggest race with a win coming off the winning the pole. The Pole just talk to him about what that would mean to you. There's a little bit different having our big in the beginning of the Super Bowl. Obviously we still want to win the championship at the last race of the year in Phoenix. But all in all this is the great American race this is the race that You know all of us drivers want to win and you know they can't really take that trophy away from you. Want you win it and so for us it would be you know huge to get our kroger car in Victory Lane come Sunday but it's it's a tough race cars are are hard to drive their their sliding around a lot and You gotTA gotTa be there at the end. It's five hundred your mouse. So I've never raised cars. I did run track though and Ziang thank you well. There's a reason I bring it up. I feel like is this is the but so like an actual race. Like you're on an eight hundred that's like the actual race in that you see where you are in relation to your competition qualifying like when you're in the pits. It's like you're doing a long jump. You Post a score then you gotta watch newer what seventeen to eighteen. We went out eighteen. So you posted time and then here's watching when you're waiting and seeing is someone gonNA top time. Take me through the emotions of when you post and you realize art right now. We are in the figurative pole position and then trying a hold on essentially for dear life when there's nothing else you've already done anything. You're just sitting there watching. Yeah it was nerve wracking but it was. I enjoyed it. It was a really fun. Experience ends because it was like a fast race car if we could go out lay down in Daytona's kind of weird like you know we draw for are are spot for where we go out. It's a random draw to win out. Eighteenth the wind's kind of picked up a little bit towards the qualifying and they were headwind. Headwind down the back straightaway so We posted our lap. I felt like it was a really good lab. Thought the race track with the condition slowdown from the day before and And we actually went faster than what we did the day before in our practice run so I was really confident but then we started to dodge bullets You know our other Chevy Chevy teammates that were lining ended up half a tenth away from us so I was a little nervous. I played most of my career with a chip on my shoulder that it was kind of my way of me. That was my the hunger that drove me and you gotta got let go released from a rouse. Fenway unexpectedly. Does that leave a chip on your shoulder. Make you feel like you have something to prove just a bit. It does for sure and I think that's Kinda you know one of those things that like I said earlier kind of just re-energize myself to like. Hey let's let's put a lot of focus into. Let's make sure I'm doing everything that I can inside the car outside the car at the shop with the team and you know like Brian. I'm Patty over with me. He's kind of got that chip on shorter Mike Kelly that is working on all of our wind tunnel cars. He has mcritchie when we want our xfinity championships We all kind gotTA have that same chip on her shoulder. And it's nice to have those people in your corner with you Transitioning to that new team Everybody's been great in the new organization. Jt Georgia erasing. The atmosphere is what I've been looking for and we're ready to go so nick mentioned he ran track and then. Brian mentioned that you know he played in the NFL. So I I played high school volleyball and in many ways it's just like what would what would a successful year look like for you. These are these are near impossible. Racist Aces to win. What is considered a successful career points? Wise at least for you guys. Yeah for us. We're looking to make it back to the playoffs. We were in the playoffs when in two races in two thousand seventeen eighteen nineteen kinda struggled we had speed in two thousand and nineteen but we just never put it all together weekend and week out consistently But I do feel like The the jump that jd racing is made you know just in qualifying in the speed that we brought in this race car this weekend like you said earlier. It's just the first weekend long season but you know we go to Las Vegas after Daytona and we're putting that same amount of effort into our Las Vegas. I guess car Then we go to Fontana and Phoenix and and I feel like the whole teams kind of you know putting in extra hours working Saturdays and doing whatever it takes to make sure that we have fast. I race cars so that being said we WANNA make the playoffs who WanNa win race and You know kind of off going to Palm Daytona five hundred the first pole-sitter when it in twenty years and you so you're you're basically locked in so that wasn't bad stat. I didn't WanNa hear that. So someone's going to break that so might as well take a look. I heard you off the air though. You're obviously professional car racer. You're all around sports failure you're an old misc- and all right. What do.

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