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Solutions to beat the enemy. Learn more at Eldon America dot com slash a Yusa. Dave Golden w T o p traffic and Let's find out how our weather shaping up this afternoon. Amelia Draper. Easy and pleasant out there on this Tuesday afternoon winds gusting up to 20 even 25 miles. Now we're in mostly partly sunny skies mainly clear and cool tonight with lows in the upper forties, too. Low fifties Sonny and pleasant tomorrow lighter winds with highs in the upper sixties, too. Low seventies We continue to warm on Thursday with highs in the mid even upper seventies, breezy winds and plenty of sun on Friday. Some rain is likely especially during the second half of the day of the wise Plenty of clouds with high temperatures only around 60. I'm strong team for meteorologists. Emilia Draper Boy. Those skies air pretty. It's like a nice baby blue. Partly cloudy skies 71 degrees 11 on double d T. O P a former high school football coach's under arrest charge. With sexually abusing two players in Montgomery County, and police believe there may be more victims, Montgomery County police say the case involves a former assistant varsity football coach at Wooton High School in Rockville, who held the job from 2016. Until this year. 26 year old Christopher Papadopoulos of Gaithersburg is accused of sexually abusing and exploiting one player multiple times. As well as sexually abusing and soliciting a second player. Police say the incidents happened after school off school grounds. Anyone who thinks they, too were targeted by Papadopoulos is urged to contact.

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