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Oh, my God, she does break into the sheriff's desk-drawer. She's just like I'll have some of this. He's like this is the third report today and it's all bullshit us come and drink my booze. That's my share booze too. But the Gargoyles have been running all night to get her back to the cave eight Bernie Casey has. Well and they also want their they also want their brother I assume. But they've been running all night and it's they don't get to the cave until morning the sun is up. Yeah. He has been carrying this hundred and twelve pound girl Vermeil? Time and space in this movie are questionable. You never know how far the hotel is away from their cave and how far the jail is away from the hotel don't ever show you any, but they don't hesitate really to show you the Gargoyles in light they they wanted to show off this makeup. and. One right when they're going in, you know you see that kind of matronly. Gargoyles you know it kind of turns around and heads towards the cave and basically looks like it has a like a saggy diaper. Casiraghi. Diaper. Leaked They couldn't figure out butts. You know how to make like a monster, but how to make a monster but as your new coffee table, right? Coffee Table Book Yeah. Coffee Iveta one beer one beer. Because we got the Mrs. What's her face going into the share ARC's everybody basically is going to end up going to find the girl is that been abducted by the Gargoyles? So we're forming our own posse which includes everyone in the town. Basically everybody else in the movie except for. Diana and the Gargoyles well, except for buddy the. Gas attendant they should've thrown him in for just some fodder. Was He not the one that was driving the chick back into though my God? Maybe so So, literally isn't. CAST. Cornell needs a band-aid and you have to think that they got a first aid kit or something there says a big open wound on his forehead..

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