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This is what i think first of all that putin has done as i don't think has ever set out to recreate to tell totalitarianism in russia he set out to plunder yet and to hold onto power for as long as possible and the best term that i know for that is a mafia state which is which is a term that that was originally by a hungarian political scientist named baolin monger whose written a wonderful book called them off at the postcommunist mafiastate in which he describes her the way it functions as a family functions as a clan there is a patriarch in the centre who distributes money and power he talks about how you can be bored into the family or adopted into the family but she can never leave the family voluntarily you can only be kicked out your sending pushing was in it at the signals that he is sending out our mafiastate signals and he he doubled down on those signals when he was faced with popular protest and he was afraid of losing power but the society that he addressing is a society with an experience of totalitarianism that has been passed on from generation to generation and so the habits that kick in or the social institutions that are activated are the institutions of a totalitarian society so he hasn't actually institute a terror right but russians are reacting as though he had made just a little bit of selected law enforcement has the effect of terrorising most people interesting masha gessen is the author of the future is history how totalitarianism reclaimed russia thank you so much thank you or whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

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