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Can you pull this off. I hope it happens and again. I'm not some huge frank gore fan or something but i hope eighteen picks him up and camp just so we had the chance to bring the baby running back. He was down in camp on some team or in the preseason saul deputies i know he's entering his aides thirty eight season by catch on somewhere. I don't necessarily want to be the eagles right now. They don't really need at this point in time but just to see him go somewhere and a team feed 'em carry so we get closer this record. I hope it happens. I don't know how much gas has an attack. He's thirty eight. He's a thirty eight year old running back. They showed me playing any morning. Stole did pretty good. The last couple of years hobie catches on somewhere over the next place somewhere for the next two or three years. This is my hope. Frank ward catches on. He plays for the giants backs up. Saquon barkley get six hundred yards six hundred fifty seven hundred yards the next two three years and then the year. He's under a thousand yards away. From emmett smith he comes and becomes a backup running back from the eagles whether he's forty one forty two. I don't care because i'd love nothing. More than frank were get meaningless. Four yard game. You know in fourth quarter whether it's a blow out on either side and pass emmitt smith's record and an eagles jersey frank were to larry's that time in watch fifteen for like three days or third thirty six hours or however long it was. We thought eagles weren't assigned frank. War he backs out. The old goes to indianapolis eagles. Go move on. Signed demarco murray. They sign ryan mathews day. They redo their backfield there. They traded away leshan koi. So i don't wanna be eagles right now. But i hope he catches on somewhere agent. Peterson's not going to do it frank. Core is the last shot our last shot for any running back ever to break emmett smith record. We can't let that stand. I beg you some team out. There signed frank were feed him carries and when he's just a season away eagles into a one year deal allow him to break that record in midnight. Green it'd be perfect was down in dallas the sunday night football game eagles always planning sunday night. Football down in dallas monday football. They're playing weekday monday night. Football in dallas that year and we go down there and the eagles are beating the crap out of dallas. Whoever's the eagles starting running back comes out of the game they're spying him light. The eagles are up by twenty four points. And you know he needs six is a break emmett smith record. He runs for a first down and he just stands up. Looks up at the sky of this terrible monstrosity. That is eighteen t. stadium you runs over. I'd love from the ron over dan in the star the middle of the cowboys field. A dream saying that's going to happen. No but it's july twenty first in the offseason. Something talk about we. All daydream daydream. All day thing that would happen in jalen hurts. Lebeau leads the eagles to the playoffs this year. Ones applying in redoing. The ones who bowl next monday smith is. The second coming is a future hall of fame my receiver. So when i need something to think about walk into the gym walking home running. Our i think about frank war breaking nfl rushing record just to rub it in the overrated player. Emmitt smith not even a top fifteen running back of all time not even close rubbing his face a different me right. we're Twenty three twenty four minutes plus some ads in commercials..

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