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The glass windows have been shattered in their sole light looting according to police when I got there there was no one inside but again police had surrounded the building so that no one got any kind of ideas a Tom Thumb in uptown also the victim of looting last night now courting to the city's Facebook page Dallas police made about eighty nine arrests twenty seven on McKinney Avenue that's around that whole foods ten on Dallas freeways wanted element bay thirty six and fifteen hundred young street and fifteen who are vandalizing buildings around field and what all Rogers according to police each of those people will be charged with inciting a riot reporting live Charlie Hodges newsradio ten eighty KRLD north park center in Dallas has posted on its website that it is closed today this aftershock him down early on Saturday after getting an update from Dallas police the Dallas morning news reports Galleria Dallas in Highland Park village were also planning to be closed today several other retailers some of them with locations damaged in the demonstrations are closing some locations that includes some target stores in the downtown Neiman Marcus in Dallas among the places damaged during the protest thing U. S. faith leaders find themselves wrestling now with twin traumas American religious leaders across faiths are grappling with the heavy burden of helping to heal to active traumas rising civil unrest driven by the police killing of George Floyd and the corona virus pandemic Chris Jim Jewish and Muslim leaders have raised their voices to condemn racial bias in the justice system while discouraging violence in response to the killing of Floyd a black man who died after a white police officer press the knee into his neck those words of solidarity for many clergy came as their worship routines remain upended by the virus Jim Bartow news radio ten eighty KRLD hope you're having a great weekend Mike Rogers here with Susie's Elise another big re opening coming up on Monday lots of fresh air and nice views we'll tell you about it on the K. R. L. the morning news one local cities now offering some relief.

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