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Degrees Here in Santa fact, 50% Chance rain today a little bit later. Myo Abscess about four o'clock best chance to rain today, 93 degrees right now in the state capital tomorrow, 20% chance of rain. Behi, probably also in the low nineties. Tomorrow, Tuesday, all right, Michael Moran joins us Now. Michael is the president of would design and he wants to hire some people might want to hire you, Michael. Good afternoon. Good afternoon, Richard. Thanks for having me. Oh, absolutely, man. All right, so what is would design What would design is? Cos it's been in town over 40 years. I've owned it for the last 18 and we've been custom cabinetry and Millwork for high end homes here in Santa Fe, and some not so hand homes here in Santa Fe were not choosy, but that tends to be our market, All right. No, I'll just see you located here in town. We are. We are on the corner of Agua Fria and Tyler. Well, convenient location very easy. Yeah. Oh, I know where you are You and you. You have the big saunas collector. Big hopper on the outside. I mean, that's you. Okay, that's all right. Eh? So you're looking for what kind of wood with the workers. Well, I'm looking for a few different thanks Primarily right now I'm looking for cabinet installers and field guys who really? No there. No there trade and have their own tools and things like that. And Ah, we're looking for some skilled people. I'm really don't have time right now to train Folks, We're just trying to get their feet wet in this business. So looking for folks have been doing this for the last five or six years, at least, if not longer, who really know how Tio Installed cabinets install interior doors, and these people really are problem solvers. But I am looking for Sosa. Really bright folks is what we're hoping to find out out of this little A moment on the radio. Where would people apply? They can imply in person here. It would design by coming to our location. They can also send an email to me at Michael. M I C H A E l at Would the S N W 00 d d s and dot com eyes another way to get hold of us and so that that would be the best thing to do right now send in resume if you have one or contact information for the list of Qualifications that you seem, would seem appropriate and we will give you a ring back and invite you in for an interview. Our guest is Michael Moran, president and would design have you been working with workforce connections on this? I did, and they would have been extremely supportive. I called them about a week ago and gentleman named Brian. I believe it was answered the phone. He was on it immediately. He's sent to the one person so far, so I'm aware that he's looking at other people to send our way as well. And I was really amazed at how how positive they were. How helpful they were. And I recommend any company out there looking for employees. Um, uh, give them a ring because they they're really trying to help us out here is that your situation is exactly what we're describing with. Christopher is basically you know, you need to be out working and need beyond melon would order or drawing or selling. You don't have time to screen employees and bring people in and do the interviews and all that. So you're getting the help from the state and the price is right because it's free. That's right. Certainly doesn't hurt. You know, we tried Craigslist a little bit and at times that successful, But, you know, really, the best employees I've ever had have been the ones that just kind of wandered in off the street and today I really know what I'm doing. And we put And, uh and it worked out and some of a lot of my employees have been here on good company to work for, and Boys with a little bit of help. Mistake. I just like to make it a little bit better. All right. So you need people. You need a couple of guys. Does it have to be a guy. No, it does not have to be a guy. Okay, but we need a couple people. Yeah, just looking for good qualified people. I know if you ladies in Santa Fe, who are cabinet in dollars, who have done some really excellent work, So I gender makes no difference to me, but you need people. Like many people who can go into Ah, go into people's homes. Who could be trusted to go into people's homes to hang that? Hang the cabinets. Don't leave them as complete the job. Be reliable. That is You're liable to communicate Well be presentable eyes. Certainly another thing way need we work with all kinds of clients from all over the country and sometimes the world So we have to be very respectful of their space. Nothing. Nothing to turn a homeowner off quicker than have, you know, not trusting somebody in their house. All right. And you needed or any problem solvers because you know, Michael forgot about measuring twice. And cutting one so it doesn't fit perfectly trip. You have to find a way to wedge it in there. You figured me out, Richard, I got your number there. All right on and pay is good is good for the right people. Hey, is definitely good for the right people. We take care of her people pennies, you know, you know, right now we're just starting to explore that again. We have vacation of benefits. We don't have health and dental of the moment that this something that's coming back around. Finally, after the last recession, Yeah, well, build the business back up in. Who knows? There you go. So once again apply in person you can stop Would design is that 10 91 seller road suite? Be concede, right at the corner there of silent Ah, Graffiti or call 603 away, 23 That's correct, and we're hopeful looking for project managers. So if there's anybody out there who's looking for work, and they've had some good Project management skills in your past, particularly in construction management. If they have it, we'd love to see them here. Michael Appreciate a best of luck needed help in the future. Hit me up, okay? Thank you, Richard. Appreciate yourself. Take a break. We'll come back after the news. Top of the hour and we'll have wide open phone stuff You want to talk about weekend only have to do is call in for two.

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