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Actor in a television series musical or comedy Michael Douglas for the Kaminski method bill hater for berry Ben Platt for the politician Paul Rudd for living with yourself and rami Yousef for rami okay of a strange list as well actress in a musical or comedy Rachel Brosnahan for the models Mrs Mays all Kirsten Dunst for on becoming a god in central Florida Christina Applegate for also Leone for Russian doll and Phoebe Waller bridge for a flea bag all Jason Waller bridge okay it right now okay that looks like we refresh I think that's it for right clubs are always kind of the insider award show a little bit it's like this is the these are shocking names to me on tape he'll their new comers third it's see I thought the opposite I thought their old old same old thing we heard last time a little bit yeah flea bag Mrs Maisel after last what was that one that was it yes the actor last I didn't even know some of those people well I you're probably not alone again that's another reason why the ratings are down because you know not everyone okay here we go Best Picture comedy or musical are you ready we're getting some big ones a lady is a all my ideas my name theater Murphy movie Joe Joe rabbit knives out once upon a time in Hollywood and rocket man oh okay okay well have seen all of I've seen for the five Best Picture what is happening I'm in a universe that movie is terrible people like you I know I don't get it but okay not everyone thinks the same as me that's always shocking it's a lot of the ones you've seen Hanson what would you pick your jaw rabbit really it was just a beautiful movie about love and hate and tolerance and wrapped up in a very interesting comedic bow I loved it okay Bob Best Actor let's see here resita plot may do a big one another on man okay that's Best Actor television series drama Christian bale Antonio Banderas Adam driver Joaquin Phoenix and Jonathan Pryce all I think this is the date this is a television series I think that's kind of a movie it's a movie okay one for the joker Adam driver for marriage story maybe not and yeah and as for the pager on multivitamins V. okay yeah vulture has the wrong the wrong category I love Adam driver so much Paul he's so great but I mean Joaquin Phoenix as the joker come on if he's gonna get it let's let's just stop me that you see are there it's the that's a yeah and Walter was wrong what the ones I just listed are for best performance by an actor in a motion picture dramma dramma let's play her I am not from your grandma best performance by an actor in a TV series drama here we go Brian **** kit Harington raining now rami Malek Tobias Menzies and Billy Porter for pose yeah was Tobias Menzies nominated for Outlander or the crown Outlander so so that so far that's what I have so far golden globe nominations for the direct for director Martin Scorsese for the Irishman Quentin Tarantino for once upon a time in Hollywood bong joon Jo for parasite I hope I'm pronouncing that right my apologies if I did not Sam Mendes for nineteen seventeen and Todd Phillips for joker so if you just tuned in we are doing golden globe nominations live like as I'm talking to you they are coming out like Diana Ross I've got to let it show it was horrible absolutely horrible I love that song golden globe nominee for best performance by an actor in a supporting role in any motion picture the nominees are Tom Hanks Anthony Hopkins Al Pacino Joe Pesci when was the last time he was nominated right and Brad Pitt all he really does it for me but good for Joe Pesci because he was pretty great and the average yes I felt like he was the redeeming thing of the movie yeah you both saw the Irishman where where are we on that I think when you gave up I'm gonna go back to sleep yeah it's long it's very long I I enjoyed it I think I wanna go back knowing more about the history of Jimmy Hoffa and learning about the teamsters it's just there's so much to consume it's kind of like you know your stuff yeah yeah so there we go will do a wrap up a little bit later but those are some golden globe nominations five adds that happened when we return now we talked about the best now we're gonna talk about the worst because it is the end of the year so we have eight thousand lives right this list is pretty fun the worst movies of twenty nineteen when we return one of seven better.

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