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Nobody can teller explain to her one she just having to go through it on our own to a certain degree and then at the same time couple where he was a totally different perspective when I looked at cation her to imagine what they is parents flowing through when you're sitting there and and you're in virtually helpless to do anything for your child you know I'm sure they they suffered tremendously from having to watch the soccer and mine from the whole other flipside as fictive of where I felt like I was going to leave children my to me that's a huge dynamic and so those them to for she and I have a list of somebody else had to perish but through their gift look what they've done this this beautiful child was able to continue living I was able to continue being a pair and you're listening to Rick Billingsley and my goodness what empathy he has and should have I keep picturing the father on his hands and knees crying and the baby girl consoling her dad not knowing why because he didn't tell her I think a lot of us would tell in a lot of us wouldn't and that's individual parents decision if I had a really young kid I wouldn't tell is then they just worry like crazy and.

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