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I remember i remember what you start as a kid and watching the likes of let's spend khalsa and then as we taught on like we we go to the molly with not skis i honestly jack types you know what you know the oldest wash box of john h winning the world's strongest jolly that's right how did you may you know free english guys who actually woman tile on in the back of the head from age like five or six i want to win it was cold on yourself with us right to me did you ever have a moment where you you know were lifting with some people and you just realize you were way different jim younger yeah just when you were young you know going go into local gym or something and i don't know your buddies pickup two hundred pounds and you pick up like six hundred was there ever like some sort of weird realization like wow i'm i'm kind of different than everybody or was it all just stuff that you had to really truly work for it was still five really truly would for there's time i have a walk into a gym was about fifteen years old and for remember rightly i just a hundred and forty kilo says so it's still just the i my fifteen is all about three hundred and fifty pounds maybe yeah that's a lot i just realized from day one but that's because i was you know so an olympic stunted swimmer i don't.

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