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Record of thirty two and twenty nine they no longer have eric themes on the rehab assignment he rejoined the big league club after playing in the first couple innings of yesterday's ballgame leading off and playing second base is nato orf batting second in left field is tyrone taylor batting third and playing right field is brad phillips the cleanup hitter and first baseman is jacob nodding ham batting fifth and catching is christian beth in court batting sixth and playing shortstop is andres blanco batting seventh in centerfield is kion braxton batting eighth and playing third base is dylan more and batting ninth and pitching in this nfl style ball game against the aaa affiliate of the san francisco giants is adrian hauser on the other side for the river cats with a record of thirty one and thirty three they have as i said taking the first two of three in this series against the visiting sky sox leading off and playing center field yesterday's walkoff hero coming off a four hit three double game stephen duggar batting second and playing shortstop is kelvin tomlinson batting third and playing left field chris shaw cleanup hitter an rightfielder is austin slater batting fifth and playing third base is ryder jones batting sixth and playing first base has changed d'arno batting seventh and catching his ryan hanigan batting eighth and playing second base is josh rutledge and batting ninth and pitching is tyler beatty umpires for tonight's game it'll be brett terry calling balls and strikes behind home plate he's joined at first base by nestor say and at third base by lee buyers we are ready for baseball in sacramento so we send it out to dan carter the voice of the sky sox in the captain d's broadcast booth at rayleigh feel dan tonight baseball beautiful day again a little bit warmer today than what we had over the weekend no complaints though eighty eight degrees right now here at really field seventy nine back in the springs res out of the northwest flags right center barely moving and nineteen percent humidity right sunshine not a cloud to be seen overhead here in the northern san joaquin valley the river cats and their home whites with the black caps burgundy and gold trim river cats in script on the front of their jerseys and.

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