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Death march they finally reached the first base camp and dug in for the night wiped out by the days track and then they collapsed in their sleeping bags for the chilly night the following day there was another eight hours of hiking the goal this time though was the abc the advanced base camp it was located on a beautiful plateau right below the glaciers of shishir parma the green moss that covered the rocky ground was dotted with tiny purple flowers this was a a little area that had a little lake and it was a place where the climbing team sixteen years ago had built a little memorial for dave and alex and carve their names and stones which were still there and this is where we were gonna set out even at sixteen thousand feet the abc was still a ways away from where the bodies their friends rested so the cancer a couple of nights and got accustomed to the altitude and some very raw emotions and they agreed on a plan they'd hiked to a ridge near the glacier then split into two groups conrad anchors group would actually venture out onto the glacier were the danger was greatest the other would not and then they carry the bodies back down to base camp but the plan started to fall apart right from the start it was a night a restless sleep at the abc the altitude had started to take its toll especially on david bridges brother dan who is basically incapacitated jobs group wanted to give him a little extra time to recover so he could go along in the final ascent that konrad decided to stick to the original plan and left with his group in the early morning darkness it was somewhere around four a m.

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